$45 Shipped, from NYC Nano-X

Hey guys got 6 units available. If you buy today, shipped tomorrow. Price is f&f, add 3% if you wanna pay G&S.


would you be down to trade for a new nano v2? i’m mostly just curious to see if its the same remote with a different case, or if theres actually differences…

Yeah I’m down for that I’m curious about the same thing :wink:


awesome! let me print out a throttle mod for you. we can ship out tomorrow with the secret santa stuff…


@saul same remote … different case, you can even bind the receiver from one to the other one

I have the v2 also, would you mind sharing the throttle mod file or point me to where i can download it. Thanks !

oh in that case its probably not worth the shipping just for another case that I could print…

i’ll post the file later… need to find it


You sure you’re not forgetting about me again, like the charger ? Lol :slight_smile:

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Lol no yours is set aside, I got more than that :yum:


Oh god @scepterr

One is mine right @scepterr


I was gonna ask how many you were keeping lol

6 are for sale the rest are reserved already

1 for each wheel, and a backup :wink:

I hate charging so I charge all of em at once, then just keep grabbing the next, when one dies😋


4 UNITS LEFT Blink and they’ll be gone :yum:

How many are you keeping for yourself scept…

1 for me, 4 for others, 6 here

Ohhhh I thought you where keeping 7 I was like damn man

I already have 2 :yum: This will be my spare, spare