48v 10.5 Ah Used Panasosnic Sanyo 500w DIY, Ebike Part w/o charger

International shipping is 60$ which covers up to 6 batteries.

For those who doubt, I ordered two from batsnbikes and paid thru PayPal. He delivered as promised 2x batteries in good condition and as described.

He was communicative throughout the whole process, often responding same day. I was having trouble finding batteries to fit my iWalk bike and thankfully came across this post. I plan to put the other one in my electric scooter, and may order another one now. Shipping was about 4-5 days across the country ( I’m on the west coast)

Thanks @batsnbikes!

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Thank you @Sd62626

@batsnbikes Hey, my friend recommended you for the battery pack that he uses on his scooter. Do you still have any in stock and any discount for volume orders? Thanks.

Hello yes, I do have some still in stock @Syer1

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Can you shoot me a pm with prices and how many in stock? Thanks

I’m pretty sure you need this type of charger with the lotus tip. This link is for a US seller instead of a Chinese one. @batsnbikes can you pls confirm we need the lotus tip? It looks like the link way up above has a different tip from what’s on the batteries.

I ordered both types I’m waiting for shipping otherwise I’d just tell the group what will work

54.6V 42V 29.4V 2A Power Charger Adapter for E-bike Battery Electric Bicycle US

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It is indeed the lotus tip that is compatible

@whaddys Lol this isn’t a fake account. Here, I’ll include some photos for you. Here are the 3 I ordered disassembled and ready to install for my application.


You have 12 min of read time total and the only posts you have even interacted with are from this thread


Maybe you’re not the reliable source people are looking for

@I_keeps_it_real These batteries are extremely hard to find. Do a Google search yourself. This is one of maybe two sources where you can buy more than one? Made an account strictly for these batts.

Anyone reading, feel free to scroll up for my review AND picture. Here, I’ll add one more of me taking mine apart just for the naysayers :kissing_heart:


Great for converting your 36v ride to 48v :ok_hand:t3:


What cells are in these batteries? I know the brand is Panasonic sanyo but specifically which cells are used? Thanks

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Sorry just saw it in the initial post I should have read more carefully.

Heads up the lotus tip isn’t actually what you need that’s my mistake. Turns out you basically just need the same tip that’s on the ninebot max, but with a charger that puts out 54v.

@batsnbikes I’m sure you’ll sell out of these batteries rather quickly , they fit inside the ninebot max scooter and upgrade it from 36v to 48v hence the sudden surge of peeps.

Cheers! Kiki

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Thank you very much @rocket61 I am grateful for your reviews and happy that you’re enjoying the batteries ! And @Sd62626 I am sorry that was my fault about the charger

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@Sd62626 it’s a bit hard to find 48v 8mm RCA chargers, at least if you’re looking for 3A to charge reasonably fast. I changed the female end on the batts to 5.5x2.1mm since 48v chargers with that plug are readily available. FWIW.

I’m running 3, 5.5x2.1mm 48V 3A chargers for these batts in my Ninebot max. About 5 hours to charge all 31.5Ah of it.


Thanks that’s what I ended up doing in the end as well. Cheers!


I’m interested into buying two of these.

@batsnbikes Already wrote to you :wink:

I will report soon + these batteries will be also used in my max. Can’t wait to try it out!

They seem to fit nicely in the interior of the max by the pictures @rocket61 provided. He also gave me a hint to this thread. (thank you very much)

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I received two batteries in good condition mid June.