4WD ESC using dual ESC x 2

I requst 4WD(Customized dual ESC x 2) from dickyho.

This configuration is some difficult to install. I made two changes. The first, 6 wire connector work.

The second, power connector work.


I’ve seen it all now…

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This is an idea. Might be a good one.

how did you get a single remote operate both ESC’s?

Very interested! How to do it in detail please!

Looks like he connected the rf pins from one board to the other one so it sends the signal to both escs


This Dual ESC is customized for 4WD. I requested from dickyho. Maybe, Sub ESC is assumed to be slightly customized. Main ESC and Sub ESC connection is pin to pin.

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You can buy 4WD ESC from dickyho. Please ask at below link.


Is dicky a member of this forum?

Yes @dickyho

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Hi. every one, I made a new list for this. the wiring is kind of complex, and need to do some programe job. so this connecting work can not done on the user side.


does the 4wd have reverse…? (i’m building a robot and need reverse)…


Dual ESC can support reverse. Remote controller have reverse button. But I didn’t check reverse in the 4WD ESC yet. After checking this, i will let you know. …

thank you…

also a quote for price and shipping would be great…


ps. actually plan on using canbus for control since this is for a robot… (raspberry pi clone (asus tinkerboard (2gb ram)))…

Hello i’ve diffrent type of esc , i noticed a connector / terminals in the middle of the circuit … How can i know if i can use them to connect two conntrollers together …? The seller tried to ask the supplier but he returned without an answer.

Did someone already made 4WD board using this type of esc ?

Attaching pictures of the esc … 7080882801121932343

Diyeboard.com sells 4wd esc

DIYeboard ESC’s on a TRAPMA?!

Let us know how it rides :slight_smile:

I bought this exact 4WD ESC pair from ebay. The brakes are almost dangerously strong. Has anyone found a way to make them smoother? Maybe know a way to disable the brakes on only one of the ESC’s?

it says the seller is currently away. Will you be selling these again soon?

maybe better deal with paypal now…