4x4 Electric Skateboard With 3D Printed Tires

Hi! I thought I would share my latest project of a all-wheel drive electric skateboard with 3D printed tires. I’m super happy with the performance and the fact that it was able to go off-road the way it did is quite surprising!

I used one entire Landwheel board + one drive kit, and that is a total of 4 hub motors. With the batteries invidually going to each drive it managed to stay awake quite long, but the sub-zero temperature didn’t help.


You are so talented man! Love your projects, killing it as always.

Gj man. Enjoyed the video, clean cuts, sweet editing, well done man !

Nice work!

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I saw this earlier today, great job! All of your videos are awesome, so keep up the good work!

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Very good video, Simon!

Love it :grin: Good job!

Dude well done…it would be great for someone to design and sell larger wheel sleeves for different types of hub motors. The old hummies i have would be a prime candidate due to the shape of it’s can and outer mounting plate

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Only issue would be ineffiency…

Carvon Torquedrive seems to be usable for pneumatics and I would say they’re about the same power ability

How did you attach the printed wheels? Friction fit only?

Cool dude!

Yeeees! Now somebody has to try it in 8" for Mountainboards :laughing:

Awesome job with all of it. Hose wheels turned out great. I’m actually amazed they held on throughout the whole ride without slipping



Amazing project. The beta testers who tested the landwheels over the past two years would love to have you join our private forum. We sent you an invite. We’d love to have you in our ranks.

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Subscriber for a long time, nice to see you here @RCLifeOn :slight_smile: There were couple of posts here about 3D printed wheels but none held well over the prolonged period of time. Curious to see how yours end up after a while. I’m also really amazed they haven’t just slipped out, you weren’t going easy on them!

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It was quite interesting. It was fun throughout watching the video. The electric boards on the snow are fun and exciting, but they are more anxious with the anxiety.


I’m just waiting to see if anyone figures out how to pair a single remote to two landwheel drive systems… that would be sick.

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Split ppm should work if you can get access to the ESC.

Brilliant! I have been wondering if it was possible to convert a standard board into an off road by just slipping larger wheels onto the standard ones, I even looked on ebay to see if any such thing was being sold. I didn’t watch the video all the way through (I’m at work) but do the printed wheels just slip on, or did you have to fix them somehow with adhesive?