6355, 6374 or 6384?


How big are the differences between 6355, 6374 and 6384?

I could fit dual 6384 on my tb 218mm Trucks, but I don’t know If I should do it. Price is also no problem. So what would you do? My Board is no mtb, just for the streets.

Thanks in advance.

If money is no problem go for the best you can get, but a single 6374 will do the job just fine or even double 6355.

You get around the same amount of power on the 6374 and 6384 in a single drive form that you would get on a pair of dual 6355

I use a single 6374 and see no reason to upgrade.


If you have no hills, you don’t weigh over 100kg and you don’t want to drag race, dual 6355.

6355 would save you some weight and you’ll still have a lot of power. Only thing is that it kinda looks weird on a 218 truck.

To be honest, even dual 5065 feel powerful, but 6374 is where all the fun begins! So if you are after a seriously powerful board, (it’ll most likely throw you off the first couple of times) get 6374. I feel like 6384 will be a waste.


If I was you i would go for a dual 6374. A single 6374 is for a guy of 60kg more than enough.

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I’m running dual 6374 on 12s and I’ve yet to encounter a production board that has half the amount of torque my board has and I own a Raptor 2…

I know people have faster boards here but production boards are years and years behind when it comes to power and range.


If you can fit them, go for it there’s no such thing as too much torque


I set my board at 40amps today, so much torq. I popped a wheelie and fell off lol.


I weight 72kg btw

Wow :heart_eyes:


what battery and motors?

Cells from an old Evolve pack and random bypassed 40amp BMS, and a Eskating 190KV 6374 3550W.

those motors are maytechs, my since 6374 seems a bit weeak to me on 70a, so now Im going 2x dual 6374

If you talking about two of these bad boys on a longboard

Yeah they will fit on a 218 hanger


Let’s put that into a calc image

So effectively you will create a longboard which could weigh anything between 10-30kg depending on board and battery and mechanicals choosen. Even if it were really heavy 30kg it would still be a third of the weight of a moped with the same power, and remember you don;t have anythign to hold onto…footgrip and position.

Outside of ATB there’s little point and increases the risk of injury for sure…powerslide anyone?


You will need an ESC and a battery that can provide 8kW to use all that

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Its damn powerul that for sure, my old torqueboards was not as powerful

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The bigger the better, I run dual 6374 on 10s and I don’t even have enough torque

maybe your gearing is not the best?

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I run 15:36 on 107s, a bit for speed and I depend on the dual for torque, my top speed is too slow and my torque is not enough, or its just me wanting to go faster and having more torque @Acido

107mm wheels is the reason why, but you need to change the gearing a bit dosnt seem optimal for that wheel size.

thats almost 1:2 on 107mm wheels! you should go something like 1:3 probably