7 VESC 4.12s available $80 shipped each USA only

1 enertion left 2/1/17

For those of you who got one, if you have any issues, please PM me before you post here. This thread isn’t for troubleshooting or flaming.

One of the ollins is untouched still in shrink. All the others have the wiring harness desoldered. Most haven’t been powered up, but I can’t remember which. They all work and will tested to be double sure before I ship.

I only used 3 or 4 as bench tests. I believe one had an issue but it was just solder bridged from gate to source on one of the fets… removing the solder fixed it but I don’t have time to go through them all to test unless they are spoken for…

These were used on bench only! I actually have 9 total but was going to keep 2 but I might sell those if you want them.

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Dibs on the unopened ollin.


10 char

Just curious why so many. Also how old might be interested in an ollin vesc

At one point I was considering using these for beta prototypes of an upcoming product. I may still offer them as an option but for now I rather wait and see what the new VESC platforms do… also it seems the form factor is changing. and could continue to change.

edit: @Plumb77 actually the real reason is that I only needed 3 plus spares but enertion was backordered so I ordered both to see which would get here first.

please pm me your paypal email

Replied, thank you!

Any of the vesc still avalible?

yes, see top of OP for update

People who ordered I’ll get those out tomorrow if all goes to plan… out of priority mail flat rate boxes.

Got mine today too, thank you! @Trillium

all have been shipped

Still have any in stock? Also where do you ship from?


Kind of off topic, but where can I get a my VESC drv8302 chip replaced?

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Has anyone else received theirs? I’m still waiting.

Received shipping info. Package lost in my building. Trillium refunded me and I’m sending payment back

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Multiple people have received theirs. Don’t be careful prospective buyers. If anyone doesn’t receive theirs let me know!!! :smiley:

I have one left.

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Enertion? Or chaka

still have one?

I’m interested in a pair of you still have them. Thanks