90mm Labeda Wheel Group Buy $40/set

Just got off the phone with Labeda. I’m going to be ordering a small sample stock of 90mm Labeda wheels with the Plush formula to distribute to reviewers and to sell in limited quantities. To get things off the ground, I want to kickstart a small group buy for these 90mm Labedas.

How’s 40 USD per set + shipping? Needless to say, that pricing is not sustainable for any company, so you won’t see this pricing here for a long time after this group buy.

If you’re interested, PM me so then I can put your info into a spreadsheet. PLEASE INCLUDE YOUR COUNTRY OF RESIDENCE. It makes my life easier so then I can organize distribution.

BIG EDIT: @JLabs is also arranging for center mount 36T 15mm Kegel pulleys for $24 each. He’ll be shipping some time after March, once China frees up its factories from the Lunar New year.

OKAY SO HERE’S THE UPDATE: So for starters, Labeda has told me they can do Black wheels with a white core. That’s the only color choice we have for the ‘small run’. This color choice is final since this is literally a piggyback order that Labeda is only able to do once.

For this ‘small run’, I’m told that I will have to order a minimum of 160 sets of wheels. Obviously that’s still a lot. So to decrease the amount of units we need to reserve for this group buy, I started another poll for whether or not we should increase the group buy price by $5. Doing that will mean we only need to reserve 100 units for the group buy to happen. However this is a community matter, so I’m leaving it to a vote.

For estore owners looking to get their hands on these wheels to sell, PM me, so then we can negotiate ‘whole sale pricing’ that won’t completely screw my wallet.

PSWheels Photoshopped wheel courtesy of @DumbSkulled

I’m going to leave this color poll open for future reference. However for this first run, the color choice has already been locked in for the above stated reasons:

  • Red
  • White
  • Blue
  • Black
  • Gray
  • Green
  • Purple
  • Yellow
  • Orange
  • Brown
  • Muthafuckin’ Tiffany

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Any indication regarding the quality of those wheels ? Compared to Kegels, MBS all terrain, Flywheel clones…

Same thing as the Ollin Popocas and Enertion R Spec GHOST wheels. These have a wider contact patch versus 97mm flywheels. For heavy carving, these are about as good as it gets for wheels.

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Got it. I’m trying to get an idea of how those would be good, I don’t have a lot of knowledge regarding wheels. The only thing I know is that the Abec11 are considered the best out there.

I went on their website and I can’t even find any skateboard wheels, am I missing something ? :thinking: http://labeda.com/products-category/wheels/

Yeah… their website isn’t laid out the best. I guess perhaps skateboarding is an even smaller market than what we imagine. Labeda is the company that also manufactures those orange 80mm Kegels that everyone seems to have.

Interesting. So the wheels you want to order would probably have the same core as the Kegels. Do you think you could get a picture of them ?

unfortunately I can’t get a pic of them until they’re actually casted by the Labeda. If you want an idea of what they look like, the Ollin Popocas are pretty much the same thing sans the white engravings.

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any idea on shipping to Au?

I’d have to do my research for that. However since Labeda wheels are all casted in the US, shipping should pretty much cost the same regardless of whoever you get these Labedas from.

I’m down for a set as long as I don’t get my pants pulled down over the bread and honey…

Lmao. I’m putting you down for 1 set on the spreadsheet.

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can go with my hyperbeast deck, dark matter motors, escapes… all I need now are some Jenso style mounts to suit some black surf rodz to finish it off :sunglasses:


what cores do they have? abec or kegel?

what’s the duro?

what’s the lead time?

Kegels cores. I’m waiting to hear back from their turnaround time. Since it’s a dynamic ordeal that they have to time with the other products they cast. Roughly 78A Duro with their ‘Plush Formula’. They also have a race formula that wears slightly better, but might as well get them plushies.

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cool, I’d get in on this buy only got abec stuff.

looking forward to seeing how they turn out.

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@squishy654 How many sets ya want?

I’ll give em a shot.

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Also, please let me know if the core is center set or off set from the center. If you guys want I can get a buy together for pulleys that fit. Would be a lot cheaper in bulk runs as I have just been doing small quantities.


Center set. That would be awesome if you can arrange that group buy. Yay synergy…

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I have to add, if you don’t specify how any sets you want to order, I’m going to assume just 1. Don’t be afraid of asking for a specific amount :money_mouth_face:. I’ll change the spreadsheet or remove your order entirely if your financial situation changes.

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