A few interesting questions to ENERTION about BMS,10s4p battery and VESC

I have a few questions to @onloop @carl.1 and I thought I might post it in here so other people can check it out too.

  • is the new carbon fiber deck with 6 screws lid coming out anytime soon ? Having just 6 screws makes it almost swappable battery deck.
  • when do you expect the new BMS with usb charge port + mini usb for vesc configuration be ready ?
  • you were planning to offer 10s4p battery for raptor deck, I assume it needs the new bms , so if the bms is ready, can we expect the battery to be available anytime soon ?
  • whats going on with 1 Year Warranty for VESC, you said, you were checking out if you could make a deal with your vesc manufacturer .
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The new lids are finally here! check out our latest vlog.

it’s still being tested- no planned release as of right now.

We will be updating the Raptor line to have a larger battery option (Pro4 sized) soon, and stay tuned for updates. rough estimate of 1-2 months tops.

TBD by Jason. We are about to receive our first production round of VESC’s (100 per week starting next), so we’ll have a better idea then. The factory is somewhat unhappy at us changing from 1,000 to 2,000, and having them shipped 100 per week instead of all at once, so Jason is still talking to them concerning repairs… but we don’t even have production ones out so it isn’t their priority at the moment.

hope this helps!

hahaha, they didn’t know what the VESC means to the e-board community. They should be happy if anything. Usually, factories complain that you want too few an item, never heard them complain about too many. In the end, it just means more $$$ for them.

True true, but maybe the request was placed last minute. Those factories run strict schedules and have x amount of time to start producing for each customer. If one order suddenly takes 1-3/4 longer, that’s at the expense of other (maybe more valuable) orders.

Trust me, if they’d get more money out of it and it’s a win-win, they wouldn’t be complaining :stuck_out_tongue:

Ohhhhhhhhhhhhhh yeahhhhhhhhhhhh :smiley: Ordered-but-still-waiting-for-Raptor owners rejoice!

Bumping this ancient thread

@carl.1 so what ever happened to that 10s4p with smaller BMS?