Abec / Orangatang Kegel wheel pulleys from 29T to 44T - Evolve GT/GTX compatible

It’s the bearing spacing and all of that that I was wondering about, not the press-fit into the wheel

The bearing spacing is also compatible, i designed like original one, and reinforced them from the inside, like on the picture above :slight_smile:

20181026_185904 The hole is just enought big so you can take out the bearing easily with a skate tool


My new V2 pulleys for Orangatang / Boa wheels, with bolts + nuts are done :smiley:
This is used without the bearing inside it, for paris / caliber / … trucks without modification .

They will be avilable from 32T to 44T and 12-23mm width .


  • from 32T to 39T : 10 Euro / 1 pulley / 12-17mm wide
  • from 40T to 44T : 11 Euro / 1 pulley / 12-17mm wide
  • bolts and nuts: 1.5 Euro / set

20181029_205034 20181029_204920 20181029_205459


Some pulleys for a customer :slight_smile: 20181031_123026


Black Friday Sale : 30% Off on all wheel pulleys !! Worldwide shipping.

Prices drops from:

10 Euros to 7 Euros / pulley ! 11 Euros to 7.7 Euros / pulley !

November 22, 2018 9:00 PMNovember 25, 2018 9:59 PM


Great deal, I would buy some if I was using belts. These should sell quite quick


Have you become a hub only guy? I am on the opposite side. I still haven’t done any hub build. Eventually i guess i will.

@Szatyi, Do you have 40T kegel? I see 2 colors are they grey or orange? No bearing correct? I’d like to use these on E-caliber trucks.

@ThermalChild Hi. Yes i have , and i can make in orange or black(gray) . And no bearings included. And you want the V1 to use with bearings or the V2 to use with bolts and nuts ?

If you go with bearing you need to have around 54mm 20181027_105950

@Szatyi, Awesome, I’d like the ones without bearings. I’d like to get a set of 40T kegel gears in orange and a set of 38T in black/gray. Is the sale on now? I’ll order now if so.

Ok then . You can order from now with the sale . And where are you from?

The 40T will be 17.5euros from 25euros, with bolts and nuts 38T will be 16.1euros from 23euros, with bolts and nuts

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I’m from the US

What would shipping for 4 pulleys and hardware be to the U.S. ?? Area code 92562

@Socalscare For 19 Euros

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Nah man, chains for the win. I do have a dd build coming tho

Why is chain better than belts? Maybe for offroad, on AT boards? :thinking:

I just find they are easier to align and no chance of the belt slipping


And it will last for much longer i think :grinning:

That’s a little subjective, you have to factor in many things assess the strength/durability, but at the end of the day testing is what counts

Some factors which would be interesting to compare

Filament used Infill % Infill pattern Nozzle size Nozzle temp