Abec / Orangatang Kegel wheel pulleys from 29T to 44T - Evolve GT/GTX compatible

Some pulleys for a customer :slight_smile: 20181031_123026


Black Friday Sale : 30% Off on all wheel pulleys !! Worldwide shipping.

Prices drops from:

10 Euros to 7 Euros / pulley ! 11 Euros to 7.7 Euros / pulley !

November 22, 2018 9:00 PMNovember 25, 2018 9:59 PM


Great deal, I would buy some if I was using belts. These should sell quite quick


Have you become a hub only guy? I am on the opposite side. I still haven’t done any hub build. Eventually i guess i will.

@Szatyi, Do you have 40T kegel? I see 2 colors are they grey or orange? No bearing correct? I’d like to use these on E-caliber trucks.

@ThermalChild Hi. Yes i have , and i can make in orange or black(gray) . And no bearings included. And you want the V1 to use with bearings or the V2 to use with bolts and nuts ?

If you go with bearing you need to have around 54mm 20181027_105950

@Szatyi, Awesome, I’d like the ones without bearings. I’d like to get a set of 40T kegel gears in orange and a set of 38T in black/gray. Is the sale on now? I’ll order now if so.

Ok then . You can order from now with the sale . And where are you from?

The 40T will be 17.5euros from 25euros, with bolts and nuts 38T will be 16.1euros from 23euros, with bolts and nuts

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I’m from the US

What would shipping for 4 pulleys and hardware be to the U.S. ?? Area code 92562

@Socalscare For 19 Euros

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Nah man, chains for the win. I do have a dd build coming tho

Why is chain better than belts? Maybe for offroad, on AT boards? :thinking:

I just find they are easier to align and no chance of the belt slipping


And it will last for much longer i think :grinning:

That’s a little subjective, you have to factor in many things assess the strength/durability, but at the end of the day testing is what counts

Some factors which would be interesting to compare

Filament used Infill % Infill pattern Nozzle size Nozzle temp

Exactly and I tested my pulleys with PETG :wink:

Not all Petg matrials are the same . I tested weak Petg and much stronger Petg . And also tested some Nylon filament and was very weak ! Much weaker then my Petg… :neutral_face:

You have to test the same type of filaments from different manufacturer and see what is the best for your aplication . :slight_smile:

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Ah the wink of irrefutable knowledge You tested them with the PETG filament you had with the printer and control conditions you had, or maybe I’m wrong and you are a scientist working in a 3D printing company who has a great breath and depth of knowledge in the subject :wink:

Sorry this is just subjective that PETG is too weak

You don’t see the irony in your posts don’t you? You also haven’t tested all available PETGs and have no idea how I have ridden my pulley. This argument is nonsensical. If it works for you guys fine - but I trust my own tests more than the ones from strangers on the internet.