Abec11 flywheels 90mm 75A

These babies are sweet! So much grip and smooth riding and still very stable at 25mph.


Great to hear @Namasaki! Have you used any of the flywheel clones floating around? Do you like these better? They make a 107mm version that I’ve wanted to try.

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My favorite E-Board wheels. Bumps, cracks, rocks… they can take practically anything you throw at them.

Yes I have. 90mm and 97mm(blue) I didn’t care for the 97s but the 90s are very good imo. There not as soft a urethane as the abec11’s But they still grip pretty well and they are very stable at speed. I’ve gone 30+ mph on the yellow wheels with my Carvon duals and it felt pretty solid.


What are your favorite wheels/size?

I like 90mm Abec 11 Flywheels on my electric boards. 75’s are what I’m riding now. I’ve tried the Orangutang orange Kegals and the 83mm Flywheels, but the 90’s just handle the bumps and cracks a bit better without adding too much extra weight. I ride both the Abec 11 72mm and 77mm Freerides on my regular board. The 77mm’s handle the rough streets a bit better, but the 72’s get up to speed faster.

I just tried the Abec11 flywheels 90mm 75A for the first time today and simply Love them! So Smooth!

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I have 90mm 78a Abec clones, but I find myself searching. Firstly, they’re a bit big for my preferred length of deck (like 650mm wheelbase), which leads to a bit of instability at speed (I think). They are also too hard. I actually think they’re closer to like 81a or so. The grip is good, but it makes for a bit of a stiff ride, and I feel everything. I’m going for some 83mm clones, unknown duro, which are hopefully going to be a bit nicer. One day I’ll fork out for some real Abecs, a bit softer.

I haven’t tried smaller than 90mm on me eboard. I’ve thought of trying 83s but I was told that larger wheels are more stable and roll over rocks better.

Your right, the clones are harder than Abec’s. And they are rather grueling on rough roads. They are more stable at high speed than the Abec’s in my opinion. I’ve done 30+ mph on both using same deck, trucks and bushings. My wheelbase is 828.7 mm I’m using 90a-96a bushings. Bushing are tight in front and very tight in rear. Hard to turn at low speed. Easier to turn and stable at high speed.

I’m using the 83 mm Flywheels on my Raptor right now and they are gorgeous! The Enertion wheels are good but a bit too hard imo. (Check out Jasons privat Raptor) I totally forgot how good the ABEC 11 urethane is, because I have used different HAWG wheels for sliding in the “old days”.

In my opinion 83 mm is the best between ride height and comfort. You can go through cracks and potholes without scaring the shit out of you and have a small risk of wheelbite in tight turns. I don’t like huge rise pads and try to avoid them, because they give you speed wobbles.

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Thanks for the tip about the riser pads. I first installed them to have enough motor to deck clearance without sacrificing ground clearance. But I think I’m gonna have to loose them for stability sake.

If you are having minor problems with wheelbite, you can always file a small wheel well to give yourself more room. I personally prefer being a bit lower to the ground.

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hey, where did you get the yellow 90mm, if you don’t mind me to ask?



They came stock with my Carvon hub motors

I see…are those Big Foot Wheels or just a general clone?

I think there just a clone. There good though. A bit hard for there duro rating. I got som 97mm also but they where very wobbly.

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Tarzan, how much work to get the Flywheels on your Raptor? What pulleys did you use?

The old aluminum pulley from enertion. You need a 7mm drill and maybe 15 min of work. Quite easy!

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Jason suggests 6mm but I believe 6.5 or 7mm are ok as well if you don’t overdrill. http://youtu.be/J40FfVTBxVc