All new 2019 VESC-Tool release

The 2019 VESC-Tool is about to arrive!

For 2019 Benjamin has packed a nice present for the community. Hopefully next week we will see a release of the Mobile VESC-Tool in the play store. The new VESC-Tool is super convenient to use and is prepared to work seamless with upcoming hardware releases. Everything is fully automated and in consequence the complete setup is now nailed with 3 to 5 clicks only. Setting up a dual or quad drive takes just as long as setting up a single VESC.

Next week we will show you something brand new. Visit and don’t miss out the release of the new VESC 6 Plus.

These are some of the new features you will benefit from:

  • Auto motor detection including sensor detection for all VESCs simultaneously.
  • Motor detection in FOC open loop
  • automatic and accurate current settings for motor and battery (can still be manipulated manually).
  • FW updates to all VESCs in one hit
  • Configuration of all VESCs in one hit
  • Profiles (top speed, current limits, power limits, brake etc.)
  • Profiles changeable while actually riding the board (you can’t feel the switching)
  • permanent and non permanent profiles
  • profiles are written to all VESCs simultaneously and instantly
  • Smooth low speed braking capabilities (braking close to stand still)
  • Analogue cockpit (speed, power, rpm, duty cycle, current, battery)
  • Statistics and estimated range (really accurate now)
  • Data from all VESCs is now used to calculate the values
  • Board can be given a name
  • Communication between remote, phone/tablet and VESCs simultaneously (triangular communication).
  • pairing of remote and phone/tablet to VESCs (stops others to interact with your VESC/board).
  • new remote features to allow display of values on remote
  • The new VESC-Tool is fully prepared to work with the upcoming hardware releases
  • The new VESC-Tool will be fully compatible with older hardware like 4.xx
  • Support for UAV-CAN (e.g. for multicopters and robots)
  • and many more…



Will there be a release for proper phones also? :wink:


No, those phones are not made to enjoy such useful things, sorry! Get yourself a proper phone, giving you the freedom to install what you like.


So long as the VESC Tool is OSS, no.


Its in the second sentence bro xD.

Have ran the app myself secretly for awhile, much has changed but its been hella sweet.


Alllriight sorry about that… :slight_smile: I apparently not able to read … :man_facepalming:

Considering 91% of the world population uses android based phones you must mean “does it use Android?” in which case you’re in luck cuz it does! When you’re ready for a new android phone I sell them in the day time :wink:


Its a small cult with 2300$ phones they’re special and everyone is invited. Alright enough hating on apple, everyone is free to choose!


@b264 where you’re at? Very cool @trampa


Says they support Android. What more do you want? Gold-plated Android?


When your phone costs more than your electric skateboard you know something is wrong :smiley:


I can add some bling to an Android and lock it down so you can’t do anything at all, and then charge more for the shittiness. Will that do?

Oh, no that won’t do because it doesn’t come with a side order of “Stifling Innovation and making it more expensive to innovate, directly helping China”


That will cost 700 bucks…


Just get yourself a filthy cheap small android based phone and glue it to the tip of the board. Thats a cheap odometer with built in configuration panel…


Really liked the new profiles, I’ve never managed to make profiles work using UART, this should make things easier by just sending a command of use X profile forever or until reboot

@trampa do you know if the new global current/energy/etc is done at a VESC level or VESC tool level? In other words, the tool gets values from all the VESCS and sum them or the VESC that have the Bluetooth module does the math and send the global values?

Oh really… my phone is terrible. Samsung j7. Its bad… basically a potato that has internet access.


Does this come standard with the new FOC brake fix? Haven’t watched the whole video yet…

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Well looks like I’m not getting it because I only use iPhones. I had a android for work and hated it every day and sent it back


He didn’t say anything about

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The funny thing is that you’re pointing out exactly why it’s a non issue, cheap android phones. If apple compatibility is really an issue for anyone I suggest going to walmart and picking up a $30 prepaid android burner phone and use it specifically for programming. Small investment and you can keep your iPhone that way.