Alterbags - Alternative Electric Skateboard Bags for Everyone!

Hi guys, Ken from Alterbags here.

This pretty much began as a small project to develop a robust and functional bag for carrying electric skateboards, especially when we spend our entire day out and about and mall grabbing our rides is just simply uncomfortable for an extended period of time. There simply weren’t many viable options available back when we started working on this last year.

On 12th April 2019, our first line of bags, the Native Backpacks, were launched on our website shipping worldwide. We received tremendous support not only from the local eskate community here in Singapore but also from international eskaters.

Our initial batch of bags have since been sold out and have been shipped to our customers.

We are now accepting pre-orders now for our next batch and will be offering it at the same early bird promotion until the end of April 2019.

Estimated ship date to be by late August 2019!

Do stay tuned on our social media channels and website for more news on future availability as well as more specifications, features of our bags and also the different boards that we tested our bags on.

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Some pictures of our Native Backpacks:





In the meantime feel free to ask me any questions and I will try my best to answer them!



I just got mine last week and i gotta say, the bag is good stuff! I got the mini, and it can fit long decks like my Prism origin V1 and a double stack enclosure, and a jet spud single stack. If you have a wide deck like the Lacroix you’ll probably have to get the Maxi. Thanks Ken once again!



Those look nice!!

Any eta on getting more made?

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Just updated the site!

Accepting pre-orders now for our next batch and will be offering it at the same early bird promotion until the end of April 2019.

Estimated ship date to be by late August 2019!

April 12 was my 32 birthday how funny. I am interested in this pack . I seen some on etsy

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Hi Guys,

We just revised our shipping rates for our bags! Saving a few bucks for some of you guys!

So please head on over to our website to check it out!

What kind of weight do these support? My board won’t exactly be light weight…

The heaviest board we tested so far was the Lacroix at 12+kg.

Any changes somebody tested your bags for boards with bindings?

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Does the Leiftech V2 count?



That’s nice! But i was hoping for something bigger with pneumatic wheels on it.


We didn’t managed to try it out unfortunately. But I dont see an issue as long as the deck width remains below 11inches.

I second this. @Grievor can the board be mounted with the wheels facing outward? This is will be far more comfortable for people with big AT wheels.


Here are some pictures tested with an evolve carbon GT and a Lacroix.

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No bindings on both, although I do think the bindings might get in the way as sufficient clearance between them is needed for a good fit with the bag. Would have test this out to know for sure.


Yeah, that’s to be expected, you kind of have to have a flat surface to do this properly. Oh well, I guess you can’t have everything. Either the bindings will get you or the wheels will.

Which size would you recommend for a 29" jetspud with trampa trucks? It feels like it’s right on the line between the two sizes.

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I would recommend the Native Mini for that.

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The only real difference between the two is the size of the bag? Or is the frame larger too?

Frame is larger as well. The Maxi fits widths up to 11 inches and the Mini 10 inches

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One of our early bird customers from California just received his Native Maxi Backpack.

Works wonderfully with the Backfire G2S.


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