Aluminum Abec 11 wheel pulleys group buy

I am thinking of designing and making my own wheel pulley out of 6061 Aluminum and am wondering how much interest there would be for them, maybe i can make a batch late night next week instead of just one

I will be doing the CAD myself either tonight or tomorrow night. Ordering stock Tuesday/Wednesday. Milling starting Thursday, have them shipped by following Monday if anyone wants one.

Anyone else interested? Cost will be cost of materials and shipping most likely.

E: Cost will be under $30, stock will be ordered tomorrow. Please see post 27.

Cant seem to move this to group buys. If any mods disagrees on the location of the thread you can move it :slight_smile:

Aluminum pulleys would be nice. Where are you located?

Atlanta, GA. USA

I think shipping to europe would kill it for me sorry…

I would be interested in 2 36T for 15mm belts .

Do you have any pics of a design?

Some more info please… Number of teeth Width Wheel style Price


I will be doing the CAD tonight. Pulleys are fairly simple. Shouldn’t take me longer than 30minutes.

Here’s the main design points: Abec 83mm flywheel, as that is the wheel I have. Fit on Caliber 2 44deg trucks WITHOUT MODS as those are the ones I have I am open to belt width suggestions as long as they don’t interfere with the trucks. I was thinking 12mm wide.

We all have to agree on number of teeth as I plan to buy a rod of aluminum and different number of teeth require different diameters. I was thinking a 36T pulley would fit perfectly on a 2.25" diameter rod.

The width will depend on belt size but it ought to be around 3".

Mounting will be done with #10 screws if I can find the tap for it, otherwise I will figure something out.

I will try to keep it light but structurally sound.


@Lukas, maybe… If I do this right, I think I can have them done for $20-$30ish, if shipping is less than $15 to you, it might still be worth it.

We can chat later when the details are more hashed out. This is mostly to see if people would be interested and how much stock to buy as that would bring my coat down :slight_smile:

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I’m interested in Kegal Pulley’s

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Sorry. I think for now I’m only doing ABEC 11 style as I do not own any kegels to try out any design and I would be shooting from the hip on the CAD.

I have a designed CNC 36T pulley for Kegels if you want it as well as a Flywheel 36T. And the I’d be interested in this as well and also keeping up to date with the design.

You planning on doing one piece or two piece pulley?

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I think metroboard sells these currently .

Yes, they do not however sell to non-customers. I do not intend to start a business or anything, I am simply looking for a way to lower the cost of my own build and help others out.

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Most likely a 2 piece, but if it fits snug enough, the second piece might be unnecessary as long as I have a lock.

Yeah, if you have any CAD files you want to send my way it would be appreciated. I will still be cadding from scratch though on the flywheel. I think it’ll be fairly simple and good exercise. CAD will be done tomorrow as we just adopted a puppy :slight_smile:

I know it’s completely unrelated but I mean… You take a picture of the cad model but like in the background, the puppy can be the main point of the picture :heart_eyes:

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I would be interested in trying aluminum cnc ABEC pulleys. @JuniorPotato93 designs have worked well for 3D print, you should take a look on thingverse. HTD5 9mm or 15mm tend to be easier to source belts than 12mm in my experience. 36T would be minimum for me, any happy to go 38T or 40T for torque.

I have alternative designed pulleys for CNC machining because of the different approach to how to make them. But I’ll put these up too once exams are done

I’d be interested in a couple - what type of cad file do you need. I just made one e for HTD5 in rhino but can convert to most file types.

I’ll be working with Solidworks and CamBam. CAD file in stp or native to solidworks preferred.