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Starting a thread to answer questions for beginners. After over 2 years and hundreds of hours of research on batteries, composites, deck making, cad cam, laser engraving, soldering, vacuum resin infusion, etc and sourcing from distributors all over the world I have learned An absolute ton! Of information. This site has many members who are standoffish an just downright rude to newbs. a Makerspace in Boulder Colorado taught me. The minds and people I met there not only answered all my questions but hands on showed me spot welding and soldering and how to work with pcbs. I even reworked mosfets on a blown flipsky and it works again. Ive done composite enclosures work. Build the decks. 3d print the gears designed the drivetrain. And 2 years ago Id never even heard of am eboard!!! And NEVER WORKED WITH ELECTRONICS IN MY LIFE!. I will answer questions here!!! FOR ANYONE AND EVERYONE I CAN. I was treated with disregard on this site and left. Now Im damn talented at making these. And learning more every Day. You Have questions I have answers. Lol. BMB​:+1:. I teach my 5 year old sharing is caring!. So what happened to the grownups. Lol. I thought up Boulder Mountain Boards. Then steamboat boards and 17 others. This worlds full of people who wont help. Yet Ive much With sheer ambition. That and ever time my questions werent answered it just pissed me off and made me learn more. Why am I gonna make newbs spend useless hours on google if they dont have to. This attitude of “Google it” in 2020 is disgusting. Shallow. And lacks moral fiber. Googles a personal tool. Not a wedge for people to use to be lazy and brush people off. Dont be dick to newcomers asking questions like your times too important. Newbies have questions if I can answer I will. For sure. Pay it forward. Dont be that builder who thinks there unique or better than. Sharing is caring. My skills and toolset and knowledge net me 80 to 100 an hour outside of boards. Why would I not answer a simple qusetion and send someone off into the youtube google.jungle. which can take weeks.sometimes to find the right answer when someone coulda just answered ya. Now I have Zero building questions. Only answers and knowledge to share. :+1:.


Hey, nice of you that you want to help! Move from graveyard and visit real builders forum:

There is very active noob thread where you can share your knowledge!


I went one there once and stated my Boulder mountain boards llc and Idea and got hated on hard!! Lmao. Actually made me feel bad for the haters. Lol. So uneducated. I may eventually. Ill check out the newbs thread though. I just wanna share so newbs dont have the same experience that took so long to accomplish I did. Mostly because people wouldn’t amswer questions. Yet they have the time to write more words about why they wont amswer a question than answering it would actually take. Lol. Makes no sense. Haha.


Link? 10 char

Not much hate honestly. We’re usually pretty rough on junk boards though. You don’t make junk boards do you @BMB? Did you get your new site finished?

Hmm seems like he made a build thread and didn’t put a serious tag in it. Shame.

Also definitely harsh on people coming in selling.

I see a lot of vendors selling quality products over there and not any innovation here so… Kinda speaks for itself.

Pretty simple to make a sale thread honestly:

  1. don’t resell cheap Aliexpress junk and claim you are building the best board in the multiverse

  2. answer questions honestly

Kettle… Keeping it real folks.

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Yeah its finished but taken down. Cost me a shitload.for over a year for nothing. My Decks are :fire:. Actually seems to be more what people want. Idk. I Dont Have the people to make it Happen. As well. Last Summer and fall my job bounced 4 paychecks in a row!!! On me. And It stopped me from gaining the credit line for BMB. And then Corona hit.

Srry. Dropped the ball there. Man its so hard to bring quality at a price point. Like MBS sold me 4 wheels tires tubes and hubs for 204!!. I ordered from flipsideboardshop in north carolina I got all 4 tires tubes hubs for 61 after shipping. So. U want local all Colorado Build. Id say 3 to 4k. U source from uk, china, peru, and make tour own deck. Its about 6 to 750 for same ride. And Ive had a chinese guitar play better than a 1500 dollar martin. Its who makes it. Not the country its from. Some people take more passion in their work. Ethnicity doesnt matter. A good products a good product. One esc the guy was in a bad mood so he didnt pay attention and theres sauter balls knocking around. But the flipsky guy just got married and made the best esc he ever has that day. See. U never know. Find the makers within the company’s. Just saying the company is this or that is cutting your own options short. Its who made it. Physically. Even a machine programmer programs machines slightly differently. Nuances within company’s reveal the talented employees.

there is a thread for this already and if you want real answers go to because that one has more people and is way more active

some martins may be dull sounding but to say that C plays better is far to abstract.

did I fall asleep under a rock? because this sounds like BS

Wait are you makeing the point that a product is hit or miss due to worker bees? but like QC you don’t just leave product qc at the mercy of the assembly line.

QC isn’t equal. Hershey kisses came out for months with the tips flattened instead of the typical.overswirl. still passed qc. A machine part had worn. Nobody cared until the owner did. Still passed QC. I want the best. Not bare minimum to pass QC. Id fire that worker. So yes. The workers make the product. QC is a standard set by a company is all. Unity and flipsky both pass QC. Unitys made with passion. Flipsky made for capitalism. Both passed QC.

right so I think we agree that flipsky isn’t too good I previously thought you we’re speaking otherwise.

Okie :D! woohoo

on another note I still don’t trust unities I could buy em for 180 shipped but nah nah. (Go OG Fb’s)

Hey there. I have a couple stupid questions for you. I’m working on my first build: 42” Double Kick board, Caliber II - 184mm Hanger/10" trucks, 6374 EPOWER motor & 97mm Flywheels. I’m working on building a 12s4p battery with 48 18650s and just got four smart Bluetooth 10S~15S 60A BMSs from BMSBattery . com along with the Torque esc bldc speed controler. I’m reading up on BMS and how to hook everything up, but just want to make sure that each BMS goes to each parallel battery pack. I have all the cells charged to full, but I’m still confused as to where the damn charge plug is supposed to go and what kind of plug was I supposed to get. I watched Big Kids channel on YT on how to make a board, but he didn’t mention anything about the charging of the battery once it’s up and running. Any help would be appreciated. Thanks.

BMS schematic Or take a photo of both sides of the PCB (sometimes they’re self explanatory.)

I’ll have a look :slight_smile:

  • normally you hook up the battery’s Positive terminal to the positive part of the charge port (the female 5.5 DC connector)

  • then you connect the -C from the BMS to the negative part of the female 5.5 DC connector

This Is not always the case sometimes BMS’s don’t have a -C component and you just have to take if off of the batteries main negative terminal.

BMS schematics easily clear all the questions up try and find one.

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Me either. Im really disgusted with Lacroix honestly. They are a huge reason everyones unitys were delayed. Because theirs sure werent. Hence as they now hired or stole jeff from enertion and have him designing the stormcore 1000 soley for Lacroix. For there 50lb 60 mile board. Lmao. (Get a uber). Im heading back to electrical engineering college at 40. Specifically for esc design and Masters in business admin. Moves like that drive my ambition.

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This what he talking about

This is what WE were talking about

but he = x so do link the user in question :sweat_smile:

So on that BMS you have 1 input left 1 output right (but with dual access points) even tho the solder is bridging the same terminal it looks horrible :'D