Any 4wd guys doing torque splitting?

Title says it all. I’d love hear any results as this is something I’ve been looking into.

What’s torque splitting

Ya tell me more, is this can bus stuff?:rofl:

It’s when one engine on my Blackhawk provides more torque to the main transmission than the other engine


The better name might be watt splitting. The key is I have a certain amount of watts I can put through the wheels (due to li-ion battery limit), do you then push more through either the front motors, the back motors, or even?

On more exspesive 4wd cars for example, they will send 80% torque to the rear and 20% torque to the front in sport mode. In other cases, it might be the opposite. I’m just curious if anyone’s messed around with the idea of splitting torque between motors un evenly in this sense.

Try instead of making 4 vesc independently try can bus making it just 2 vesc with traction control and 2 receivers one remote ? Idk maybe limiting back vesc to 40amps and front to 80?

what if u use different motor max in front and rear, same effect? just curious

That makes sense. Still going to have same maximum rpm all other considerations aside

Isn’t this mainly done to keep traction during acceleration?

You can try it with my firmware mod 3.101. Different power ratio is also adjustable via my app, there you can select the settings for the front truck individually. And the throttle signal is shared to all motors instead of the current like in the original firmware. this way you can give each motor a different setup. So a battery max setting of 60A at the front and 40A at the back will result in 60% power at the back and 40% power at the front.

So 60A at the front = 40% power & 40A at the rear = 60% power that hurts my head bro can you give another example is it inverse or… ?

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Sorry mixed it up, correct is:

So a battery max setting of 60A at the back and 40A at the front will result in 60% power at the back and 40% power at the front.


Gotcha bro, that hurts my head less :exploding_head:

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When I accelerate my wheels slip. So I need more traction haha.

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What size wheels? @evoheyax

83mm. Running current control mode and latest firmware and it delivers one hell of a ride. Jumps and slips wheels but once they catch, man it’s a rocket.


Have you tried traction control? This video from Jed is quite impressive

I’ll try it cause I haven’t. But I’d imagine it might hurt the acceleration in the end by cutting too much power.

I still have to play with it, but I think by setting the rpm that it comes into play you can tune how much slip you want to allow to maximize acceleration

Bigger wheels though! Less slippage.