Any Belt Covers suggestions?

I got tired of removing these small rocks from the inside of the belts. For me the cover helps a lot, but as you say, stones keep scratching from underneath and since I ruined one belt every week commuting, I made this sweet design :grin:… The stones gets pushed away… made ~400km on the same belts since that :grinning:

IMG_2076 IMG_2082


If it works for you that is great. On my commuter board I use no belt covers nowadays with no problems and I ride on streets that are anything but clean. On my mountain board however, the underside of the enclosed pulley cover on the wheel is full of marks from the contact with rocks.

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I posted the link to the file above for you to print (:

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Man these are beautiful. You are truly an artisan in all that you do. You haven’t made any belt covers for idea mounts have you?

Any chance anyone has a cover for @marcmt88 caliber dual idler mounts that can accommodate for a Tb 6374 motor. The cover that came with his kit was to shirt so now the axle of the motor is sticking out

I made some press-fitted bashguards for @Linny’s Idea mounts, but i have no idea what other mounts he has haha. Given the dimensions, i’d be happy to design a belt cover for it!

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Does this work on other mounts too?

No idea, but probably not. I made it for TB mounts. Given the appropriate dimensions of other mounts, I can design different motor pulle6 covers for ya’ll to print (:

My mount is backwards anyway so I won’t see it lol. Purely want them for looks x)

You gotta cut the motor shaft, that’s what i did for mine.

What mount is that?

Well the cover is already cracked

Sweet! I just got my 3d printer yesterday. Waiting on the mounts to arrive in the mail and I’ll PM you.

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Alienware mount.

Wait is there any way I can reverse mount my mount?? :joy:

Do you have a link for it?

Awesome! Thank you so much. I will have them printed right away🙏

What material did you choose for printing?

I use Nylon PA12, but PETG or even PLA should work fine. PLA might deform if your motors get too hot though.

Yeah, a pulley cover is certainly doable :slight_smile:

You’d have to drill through the mount and thread the hole to mount the cover though.