Any Belt Covers suggestions?

What printer do you use for the nylon?

I just got the covers printed, they are awesome! Good lookin’ out homie :love_you_gesture: 20190202_183425 20190202_183450 20190202_183707 20190202_184014


Glad you liked em :slight_smile:

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Hey !

Nice looking cover, how do they are holding on the mount ??

They screw onto the mount using 2*M3x10mm screws

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But then where is the screw thread ?

On the motor mount?

That’s my question, it’s just a rectangle Hole on the mount !

What mount are you using…?

Yup, 1cm long is great!

The new TB reversible motor mount uses M3 bolts

20190203_191640 14

If you re using TB motor mount

Hmm. The regular TB mounts use m3 though. The cover would allow for either screws anyway. (:

Well I have a StreetWings mount but I don’t have any screw thread in it so that’s why I was asking, didn’t know that torqueboard one had one, thanks !

Ohh shoooott! Amazon package had M2 *10mm written on, while bolts are actually M3 XD, just measured, my bad!

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Do you still have the file for 12mm vekt and 97mm wheels? :slight_smile:

#nuttyjeff has shared the file on thinginverse, here is a link

I would love this please if possible! Those are awesome! I’m Also running TB mounts (63mm) with 15mm belt and 83mm wheels

Jeez nvmd file is right there! Thank you!