Any builders in Salt Lake City, Utah?

Any builders in SLC? I’ve seen many Boosted owners here at the U but not a single DIYer. I think I saw one DIY board but not really sure. Just want to meet up to share experience and probably do group rides?

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Go convert the boosted riders.


wow didn’t expect someone replies this late lol.

It seems hard tbh. That’s like saying Apple owners build their own PC. Some people (or I can say non-savvy consumers) just prefer to pay for things that work out of the box. They don’t want to deal with the technical side. I’ve ridden Boosted I can say it perfectly matches that “it just works” philosophy like Apple.

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I bet if you go meet up with 10 boosted Riders and blow their doors off. At least one will be able to swallow his pride in might want to build a board. I work late lol .im always awake.


I actually did meet up with a guy that has a Stealth in the summer. By that time I completed my first build after spending some time reading this forum. Actually just replaced the diyeboard esc with VESC :joy:. He said my board was pretty good and felt just as smooth as his Stealth. I think it was just a polite compliment since I tried his board and it was a lot stronger than mine. Probably at the time I was new to skateboard so I wasn’t comfortable riding esk8 yet :joy:

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@Skunk is bang on the money. Most riders of pre-built boards have absolutely no idea what is actually attainable. Its our job to educate as many as possible and therefore move the community forward and provide new customers for the hard working individuals that make this possible. Go forth and educate my brother.


Both of the boosted Riders I met we’re super surprised that I built my own board. their first question was where I bought it.


I met a guy few months ago with a verreal and a meepo on my 10s carbon at a carpark outside one of my sons comps. Rode around for a while until he came up and asked me where I bought it. I was smashing him round the makeshift track. I told him I built it and he asked me if I was the evolve guy or the enertion guy. LoL I said no just built it myself. He then asked me if I was the jed board guy at which point I pissed myself laughing. Its a small world we occupy.


I think at least with the PC parts it’s easy to find and also there are tons of guides on Youtube. Esk8 is still a new thing and not popular (yet) so it’s kinda hard to find information for parts and specs and how to put things together. And what sucks is that there are vendors who rebrands Chinese crap with markup for quick profit in this still new market.

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This is true but also keep in mind that just because things look the same don’t mean they are the same on the inside. The vast majority of all esk8 parts are made in China.

If you are in here then that shit is easily recognised.


Yes most things are made in China. But things are designed by people in this community with quality are different than those designed in China. Is Focbox made in China? Yes. Is it a Chinese product? No.

Of course. But two people can order from the same Factory and get product that looks identical but the quality is different.

And you know…

Well but I still kinda doubt about it until I find more proof to actually convinces me. This one is an example where the OP claimed he did upgrades on the motor, but in fact, it still had problem with can coming lose. Look at the comment by Jlabs, he said changes that OP made were pretty standard for any motor, and does not increase durability at all.

Lol. I have dark matter motors on my board. But i paid what that are worth. Theres a few not so great products being sold at the same price ar quality stuff. Stick to the seller’s that keep a presence here, bkb, tb, psychotiller, lhb. Or just buy maytechs and be happy. But you kinda make it sound like its a regular thing multiple vendors do is all im saying.

Do us the basic courtesy of trust please. Jared @JLabs is very open and honest as well as very trusted. You’re investigating into something well understood here. A bit of time will show you that.

Also comparing everything to a flipsky rebrand is daft :joy: flipsky as an esk8 brand has been active for around 3 months

I got a pair of maytech 6365 for a really good price and I’m really happy now :joy: You won’t believe how much I got it for.

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I just got all new maytechs too. Can’t wait to get them on the board

Yeah with all of that said I also jumped on the maytech bandwagon haha.