Anyone else had issues with zippy batteries?

I have had so many problems with these batteries it’s unbelievable… First I blew up a pair by charging them incorrectly in series. 50 bucks wasted. Bought a new pair of batteries, tried charging in parallel. They got super unbalanced and puffy. 100 bucks wasted. Bought a new pair, one arrived the old version and one arrived the new version. Had a problem where one cell was noticeably lower on each, was able to fix that with a slow charge. I went for a short vacation this past weekend but instead ended up spending my time on this forum, not because I wanted to skip waterskiing and wake boarding but because I got sick. Came home today and took a look at my batteries, I had storage charged them before I left. The newer version is perfectly fine, the older version did this:

125 usd wasted on these stupid batteries. This time I know I did nothing wrong, I kept such good care of this set it’s absolutely rediculous. Has anybody else had this problem? Is there a way to fix it? My main said 7.xx volts, so that one cell isn’t just not reading but it’s actually dead (it’s a 3s 5000mah 20c lipo battery). What the hell might have caused it?! I’m counting on these for my latest build (was going to use li-ion but ended up with these because of their small size), but at this point I’d rather just have different batteries. Does anyone know of lipos that are basically the same specs and size as these but from a different brand?

Yep, everyone has got problems with lipos. You could have got yourself a really nice liion pack for the amount of monies you got in lipos. I feel for ya.

The thing is with lipos… If you get an 8000mah pack…treat it like a 5000mah pack

That would avoid most of the problems … But we don’t and push them to the limit

Honestly though I’ve never really pushed these. Never did any range tests, lowest I ever drained them to was 3.75 per cell. Always did a nice slow balance charge, this latest set never even went up anything more than 3% grade. It’s pathetic!!

I’ve never tried zippy

Take a shot at eBay

I’ve tried hrb, ztop … They work ok

Also…it could be a problem with your charger…

If you watch it charging cell by bell and you see one of the voltages really jumping around…then it’s a problem with the charger and can ruin the battery

The thing is I love lipos for their form factor. There the smallest out there… Unless you know some way to make/find a 6s 5000mah lion pack that’s 4.5" width X 5.75 “length X 1” height?

I use the IMAX b6 V2. I’ve watched it charge normally, it’s also charged my friends lipos with no problem. I could google to see if anyone has had problems with it though.

Sorry if I sound overly negative right now ppl, I’m just kinda frustrated… Really wanted to continue working on my build and this is yet another bump in the road

Has anyone who’s tried the turnigy 3s 5000mah 20c lipos had good results?

Haha…bro you ain’t nowhere we ain’t all been…

It sucks to waste money …so I feel you.

Also not sure what c rating you are using but I look for 30c and higher


i think that one of your balance wires has broken what is the voltage of the whole pack? edit: i see you said that it was reading 7V

Im not sure whats up with that pack, but I have used zippy on almost every build and never had on problem… except that one that got hit by a car…

Your charger is designed to charge one pack at a time. Anytime you deviate from that, you are taking a chance. Sometimes batteries from Hobby King come defective right out of the box. I got 2 packs from them in one shipment that each had a bad cell. I contacted them and they replaced the packs quickly. You need to test every pack that you buy from them before charging or using them.

@lowGuido is maybe right if you haven’t check the leads …happened to me a few times …had me scratching my head till I figured it out

Agreed, that’s why with this last pack I charged each battery separately every time. I need to just push myself to give up lipos. Does anyone know how big a 6s 5000mah lion pack without BMS would be?

Yep, I always just charge one pack at a time to avoid issues. I’d rather not have any issues with my batteries.

@Michaelinvegas Uhh is that a 100C lipo!?? Hot damn.

I have three Zippy 5000mAh 30C batteries for two months. Haven’t had no problems with them.

I Balance Charge the batteries one by one. Recently I stopped the charge at 4.19ish so I won’t have to worry about overcharging them when I use the brakes.

I call bullshit on those specs but def I think 40c

Alright cool, 100C is definitely BS.

Sorry for the back luck @anorak234! I’ve used Zippy Compact Lipos for the past year, at least 350 miles on them with no problems. They are still on my daily ride. I don’t think that The problem is with the battery brand, zippy a are commonly used by folks here. Agree w @lowGuido it sounds like a charger or balance cable issue.