Anyone else have troubles with enertion nano x controller?

So I just received my Nano X and frankly I’m disappointed. The plastics had horrible mold lines, the throttle was jiggly and created a big gap when it went full throttle and the leds were sunken and not centered. Anyone else experience the same thing? I sent a message to customer support in hopes this was a defect but I’ll have to see how that turns out. Note:A lot of people complained about slow shipping from them but mine arrived in a week PS:If you guys have any good controllers you’d like to link I’d love to see your recommendations


Peronally I like LHB’s remote, feels good in the hand and seems like the connection is solid. Ive only had it for 2 days though :stuck_out_tongue:

Glad I’m not the only one who thinks this. I recently received a used nano x and I am a bit taken back by the quality. I have had troubles with all the issues you just mentioned. It’s just way too expensive for what you get.

God that sucks, how long have you had yours? That means customer support wont be able to help me ughhhhhhhhhhhh. Its fine I can fix this controller up on my own but 80 dollars (to ship to us) is ridiculous for something like this

I have 3 of them. I only ever had one issue where the board powered up at full throttle but a power off and power on fixed that.

Other than that they’ve worked quite well. Good battery life (rode 26.5 miles with one), no dropouts, no runaways.

The first one took literally 6 months to get here, but the second two, as mentioned, took less than a week.

So I’m happy with them.

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And I’m sorry but unfortunately part of the reason I chose the nano x because it just looks stunning and I’ve found a lot of the other controllers (like this one are just a little off putting).

THERE IS HOPE. I don’t doubt their ability to work as a controller but the plastics are a problem for me, the gaps are just so ugly. Did you have any of this?

haha dont apologize. I understand entirely, but I ordered it even though I didnt like the looks of it bc if LHB sold it im sure it cant be that bad of a product :stuck_out_tongue:

hopefully you find one!

Can you post a piccie of the gap in question? I’ll see if mine have it as well. There’s nothing outstanding about the injection molded case, but it seems ok.

No worries man I appreciate the comment at all, I consider myself someone who prefers function over looks but when it comes to controllers I got the feeling the only real difference was the plastic shroud that surrounds the controller and the price. I would bet money all these controllers have the same internals from a factory in china :laughing:

haha probably. Have you seen the controllers that you can build yourself? G2B or something like that?

If youre a baller with a large dollar you can throw money at this:

it IS in preorder phase, but its gonna ship soon apparently(?)

I did my best to take photos but frankly my lighting is horrible and my phone lens is cracked so hopefully you see what I’m talking about. IRL it looks more exaggerated and the seams around the buttons are where the bulges are most noticeable. The entire throttle switch piece looks and feels flimsy and nasty, surprised it made it past QC

That looks cool, but honestly that’s a nunchuck with a screen, I think one of those might be not too hard to make using a linear potentiameter and an arduino. I’m curious how they get data from the batteries on the esk8 though. I’m fortunate enough to be on a robotics team in my high school that has a lot of good programmers, so I’ll run an idea like this by them and see how it goes.

Yep, mine are exactly like that.

Somebody with a good 3D printer could whip up a replacement in an outstanding color maybe?


glad you like the idea :slight_smile: im sure you could buy a bluetooth dongle for your vesc/esc and have the computer behind the screen read that as well and just broadcast it to the screen :slight_smile:

I just took mine apart and I’m already cadding the pieces :slight_smile:. I’m planning on printing a new throttle piece and seeing if I can 3d print a piece for a third finger hold (I feel it will be more comfortable with holds for 3 fingers instead of 2, and the internals leave me about .65 of an inch to do it)

Yea if I used an arduino I would use two arduinos communicating with each other in someway, the arduino on the skateboard with temperature and battery sensors and the one in the remote with just a bluetooth adapter and a little screen to display it. That way the receiver and info screen are independent

@EverBlade21 Nice! Please post the STL’s when you’ve got a trigger modeled - I want to print one in orange.

@EverBlade21 there’s an entire thread dedicated to this:

I’ve already printed the housing and mechanical parts and most of the electronics are on order. Now all I need is time.

I’m absolutely sold on GT2B mods because of the long throttle travel. It is a index finger trigger through. There are pros and cons to that.

Here’s the tutorial I made if you want to make it yourself. It’s roughly $65 and 1 hour of work.

@FLATLINEcustoms sells a really solid molded one for around $100? I’ll need to pick one up myself