Anyone ever dyed Orangatang wheels?


I was wondering if anyone ever dyed some orangatang wheels. Ive searched a lot about dyeing wheels and the best dye is “RIT”. Many people have used it. I am now in the process of dying my wheels and the dye doesn’t seem to affect the wheels. Its been about 45 mins since i started. Do i need to wait longer? the colour hasn’t seemed to change

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How are you doing it ? Did you bring water to a simmer and then add RIT dye (appropriate proportion to water), mix dye for a minute, and then add your wheels to water ? I recently did a set or FLY Wheels using this method and they turned out ok but i had to soak them over night. My wheels were Abec 11 97mm 75a. What’s the specs on yours ?

yeah, thats the method i used, i have purple 80mm orangatang kegels 83a. Ive taken them out now. they’ve gone darker purple but no way near black

Could go longer to get a nice deep black. The longer you soak them the better the color will get.

I’d love to see all black kegels. I bet they would be beautiful. Please post some pics when you are done.

yeah i will do. I used half a bottle and took just over an hour to get this colour.


i didn’t add slat or vinegar to the water. Should i do this next time and what one should i use?

Those look pretty sweet. I used RIT powdered black dye. I don’t know about adding salt or vinegar to the dye water. From the research i did, i saw people almost boiling water, adding dye (powder or liquid RIT dye), stirring for about a minute and then adding wheels for various amounts of time to achieve the color they were looking for. I had success with this method but i had to soak my old fly wheels overnight, they are pretty black now but beat up as they were a set i had used for a year already (didn’t want to sacrifice a new set in case dyeing ruined them). I think having the water heated for the duration you have the wheels in the water might make a difference (like speed up the time it takes to get the color you want). Just a theory though and i have no good way of proving it. Where did you hear about the salt and vinegar thing ?

i had the stove on the whole time the wheel was in the water and i stirred every 2-5 mins until i took them out. Ive read various forums and pages saying that people have put in salt or vinegar to make it more concentrated.

Also the description for the dye…

“For more intense color when dyeing fabrics containing cotton, rayon, ramie, or linen, add 1 cup salt to the dyebath. When dyeing nylon, silk and wool, add 1 cup white vinegar to the dyebath. If possible delay adding the salt or vinegar until 5 minutes after the fabric has been in the dye bath. The delay will help to promote level dyeing. Add 1 Tablespoon laundry detergent to all dye baths to help promote level dyeing.”

have you got any screenshots of your wheels? and did they go completely black?

I’m afraid of what the salt and vinegar might do to the wheels materials. But if you’re saying that other folks have had success it might be worth a shot. They dye is so inexpensive too. I don’t have pics with me, I’ll try and take some later tonight or tomorrow. Mine were old so while they are pretty black they don’t look great as they are pretty beat up from use. I’ll post them later though, so you can see.

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also I’m not sure if you saw this post as well.

yeah i read this before doing the process, i just think orangatangs have a higher durometer so may trek even longer to dye. I just think it would suck if each wheel will take around 2 hours ish. Im probably going to play with different ways of dying. I read that turning off the stove and then blasting it for a minute can help. I may even add a whole bottle next time or mix the bottle and powder.

Do you know which is stronger? liquid or powder. i think I’m going to try powder on another wheel

The liquid i believe is more concentrate than the Powder. I believe on RIT’s site they say “one bottle of Rit liquid dye is equivalent to two boxes of Rit powder dye”. Liquid is the way to go I guess.

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thanks, i only used half a bottle on this wheel so i may use a whole bottle on the next wheel and maybe less water

Cool. Post pics if you can. Thanks.

yeah i will do

Ask @Justin for more detail about kegel dying.

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Yeah i tried with the orange ones, but they turned out brown-ish, not really liking the result (tried dyeing them twice, and left them in the hot water for a couple of hours). Will post up some pics, if i can find them…

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Yeah I’m re-dying them now they’ve gone a very dark purple. I think I will leave in there overnight