Anyone know why I would be getting sparks in between my wheel pulleys and motor mount?

For me it looks like a spark between belt and motor mount, maybe static energy? That’s weird!


That’s so cool! I want this too!



Just put it back on the bench, spark is definitely coming from the wheel pulley not the belt.

That’s what I think as well. Maybe it gets build up because of the idler which causes extra friction in the belt itself?

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I can hear it snap with every spark fwiw, and there’s a little bit of electrical smell too.

wow. wish someone could explain the details more. it looks just like a van de graaff generator and maybe it’s the dissimilar material in the pulleys that are the cause.


What is your idler made out of? Nylon? Rubber belt? I think you might have a little van de graff generator on your board there.



Idk, I’d have to ask @Nowind

I love this shit … noone ever build such a cool feature in a eMTB


Wanna have this too :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

Tensioner is out of plastic… i think its POM

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lol, maybe you could use it to recharge your batts :laughing:

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Can confirm you have a Van de Graff generator.


Thanks for the feedback here guys. So, I’m assuming this is nothing I need to be concerned about?

You might be concerned if your riding off-road, especially if your riding around dry grass or bushes.



Shit, yeah I didn’t think about that. Is there anything I can do to prevent this from occurring?

Not doing a lot of off road, but some. Definitely very dry here.

A layer of kapton tape on the mount side facing the belt, should stop the sparks

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Thanks I’ll pick some up.

So what is it about my belt drive that’s making it spark like this? Just out of curiosity.

Something…lol. The kapton tape will insulate the mount so it shouldn’t spark, but the spark might move somewhere else

I’ll give it a try and report back.