Anyone Seen This Before?

Hi guys,

Has anyone seen this kit before? It says it comes with a Turnigy VESC rated up to 14s! I didn’t know they even made them. Seems like a really good deal from the company that makes most of our motors anyway.

Would love some feedback from anyone whose tried it!

ESC Specs: Microprocessor: STM32F4 BEC: 5V (Used to power your receiver) Voltage: 8V to 60V (Up to 14S LiPo Voltage) Current: Up to 240A for a few seconds or 50A continuous PCB size: 40mm x 60mm VESC complete size: 120mm x 40mm

Sorry but your like the fifth thread on the subject…


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Thx @JohnnyMeduse @SpeedSloth I’ll close this thread pls see the main thread we have going on this topic. Thx!

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