Anyone seen this?

Anyone seen this type of mounting for dual drive before? Seems cool if your trucks aren’t big enough to fit dual motors.

Here is the original video if anyone is interested, starts at about 4 minutes.

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I have seen it in some chineese shop…it was already discussed in this forum a little…if you will be patient you might find it :slight_smile:

Here’s what I did:


@PatRocks and @MoeStooge, those are similar but I personally have never seen it with one mount longer then the other on the same side of the truck. I wonder if anything is different with 2 different size belts :thinking:.

If it helps answer your question, I have the 6374 on a 295mm with an idler. The other is a 6355 on a 280mm belt. Worked great, but really limited my ground clearance tho

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Electric board on Revenge trucks?


Cool lookin setup, but those trucks are going to so sketchy. Revenge Trucks can be fun on the right setup, but they’d be the last trucks I would choose to ride at high speeds, or with two motors bolted to it. Not only are they super tall, but they have an incredibly tight turning radius. They are very squirrelly even at low speeds. It looks like your motor mount would fit Randals or Paris trucks. You may consider a different truck later on…

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@jmasta dude, you are spot on, . The renegades were a poor choice by my brother in law. We single motored it and the truck walk was terrible.

Didn’t try dual drive at the same time, but I did try dual mounts so I could swap 97mm urethane wheels and use the other motor to drive them. Kind of an experimental multi-terrain setup.


All terrain on a penny board ??!!!??




…on top of all… inrunner motors!


What are the pros and cons to inrunners?

@Trdolan03 Inrunners can be fully sealed, so they are much more resistant to weather.

Outrunners have a better power output to size/weight ratio than inrunners. That’s why most DIYers use outrunners.

Considering that this guy used gears and inrunners, I’m guessing that these were repurposed RC car parts.

That’s a big negatory. Inrunners have a better copper to Iron ratio per Square mm and therefore run more efficient. Also would like to add they have a better Watt per Square mm area ratio then the outrunner (more power smaller package). The low kv outrunner works well with the Esk8 application due to limited gearing options with belt systems and direct drives that limit motor kv…


Better cooling as well right? Copper on outside.


True, also options for water cooling…

Just one more point as well, inrunners do not inherently have better cooling. It all depends on construction and design and how quality the motor is.

Outrunners can have forced air cooling (see sk3 6374) while inrunners will be sealed. What esk8er is going to use water cooling?

Does riding in the winter through the snow and brine count?

Sorry fella, your information is incorrect… Watts per size the Inrunner wins…

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You can use cooling fins as a substitute for water cooling. At skateboard speeds and motor location drag would be little. But I haven’t heard of any inrunners overheating on eskate.