Anyone tried the TorqueBoards 2.4ghz Nano Remote Controller?

This controller is a little pricier at $60. It looks similar to the boosted board controller. Has anyone gotten a good experience with this?

Are you referring to the one sold on this thread?

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It works great. I have it and tested it. Range is great, i went 40 feet away and still worked

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Wow, how did I miss that… Yes it is.

Great. Ill be buying it soon for my first build

I like the size, but the travel on the thumb dial is fairly short. Haven’t tried it on a board yet, but I’m not sure if that may make the board harder to control.

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I like em a lot because of the stealth, doesn’t even look like your holding a controller. I bought two of them from @Kaly when he had his sale

I use the GT2b with Trigger which i find work great, …how does this compare??

It’s a much different feel. I really like the GT2B and trigger control but where I ride, I like to be as inconspicuous as possible. This nano remote is about as close as you’ll get to appearing like you’re not holding a remote at all. If you’re not concerned about looks the GT2B is still the best bang for your buck.

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Are you using it with Vesc?

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Thats a nice price, got mine for $60 shipped from china, still waiting for it though

No, tb 120a esc

same product different price

torqueboards ~ USD $60 ?

psychotiller ~ USD $50 ?

this one just about USD $ 10 .

Thats only for the receiver, if you select the remote (under color options, lol) it’ll raise the price unfortunatly…


For shipping to the U.S. does anyone recomend a seller of this controller? I would like cheap shipping but the speed of the shipping is priority.

Well that depends on where you are located, i got mine on Aliexpress with freeshipping but it’ll probably take a couple of weeks (i’m located in Europe, so i didn’t want to buy from TorqueBoards or Psychotiller, which would probably be a lot faster if you are in the US).

I’m wondering if anyone can share their experience with this remote in combination with gloves, i have a feeling the thumb-trigger is to small to be able to feel through a glove, is this true?

@Kaly was selling his first batch for $45 shipped. Not sure if his second batch will be the same price but his shipping was priority 2 day.

I use fingerless gloves with it, full finger may not have the same kind of response

The bump is actually a decent size, the movement is the small part, full throttle is 1cm. They are very lite and with practice will work well.