Anyone using psychotiller mounts?

Had any luck with them? What size belt for 13/36, 90? 16/36,90? I got a couple of them and it seems I cant get them tight enough on my tkp trucks, and with a 255 belt it is too loose…

Maybe this will help find the right size belt, also use 60mm for the center distance.

I just had this exact same problem. With 16/36 on psychotiller mount and a 255mm belt was too loose. I ordered some 250mm belts from vbeltsupply and they fit much better. You can call and order custom widths if you need 12 or 15mm width. A 245mm belt also should work, but the guy said they were backordered 6-8 weeks on those. 250mm worked for me though.

Probably still feels sloppy though huh? My motor pulley is so close to my 90mm wheel. These mounts are not long enough, am I right?

I have been using this one It says a 255 belt. Your calculator said 215, im thinking that would be too small… idk, I’m confused. These mounts have very little room to adjust the motor.

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Sorry but I think your calculator change the center length to 63, witch can make a huge difference.


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Also on @psychotiller web site, he suggest to use belt around 200mm

Psycho said this

“250, 255; 260, 265. I order what I need depending on pulley sizes.”

He also said this

“Dude, seriously? I know they work. I’m using them. So are others, and I hand filed them. But whether I did that or used a dremel doesn’t matter. I did the work so you didn’t have to. You can’t figure out how to adjust them. Not my fault.”

I had the same problem, and find a way around (not really the safest way), but may I suggest to try a bigger pulley like the 16T. and try the 250mm… and let me know If find the right size, I’m a bit confuse by those two different dimension.

I did try 16/36, way too loose with 255 belt. I just want mounts that are more adjustable and use longer belts. Anyone want to buy these? 2 for 1 deal :slight_smile:

I was using one for a while. Use 57-63 mm as the center to center and get the close 2 size belts if you can. 265 works on 40/16. The bigger printed wheel pulley helps I think. Motor pulley clearance can be close with big wheels tho. 97 in my case…

I think I may take your 2 for 1 offer. Unused right?

One is. The other I used for a couple hundred yards until my 16 motor pulley dug into my wheel. Then I took my plasma cutter and made another long piece out of 1/4" aluminum, but the angle was off, then I got the angle right, but the belt was way too tight. I rode it with the belt way too tight 13/36 90 to the top of the monster hill by my place and back down. The belt was rubbing on the wheel so I decided to give up on rigging it. During that process a couple bolts went awol, I will replace them, nothing is stripped out. At least I got to see what a single r spec 6372 10s 13/36,90 will do going up a steep ass hill, very nice! Can’t wait to get some mounts that work for me, this esk8w8 crap is killing me… Now that I look at them, they are from two different batches, same hole patterns and body lengths though.

Those are actually 2 different mounts? Maybe just esheic but they’re different.

I’m a bit sad i got that one above, when i ordered mine:( Like the cutout and coating on the other.

I could care less what they look like. You could put hillarys picture on them and I would love them if they worked (for me). Do yours work? What pulleys/ wheel size?

16 - 36 - 255 I didn’t ride it so far only set the mount up. It’s fully tightened but still a bit loose. But really just a bit, like a belt should be in my opinion.

Where are you locatet, we could change that mount if you are EU, so you have two identical ones and i could have that one i like:) i pay all the shipping

Im in the us… have you seen the video with the dude plucking the belt and measuring the sound with a guitar tuner? The belt shouldn’t be loose from what I have seen…

that’s why i told: ‘‘really just a bit’’ it isn’t loose

this is the kind of thing that make the belt skip when you try to brake. :wink:

Well we will see that, i’ll report back then.