Apple and the Community

@anorak234 noticed you’ve been splitting and merging stuff. We kinda cloudied up this sales thread with Apple Talk, anyway it can be split offfed onto something like “Apple and the Community” so we can give OP his thread back ?


Yeah honestly had a bit too much holiday cheer last night and thought this whole mess was in the unity thread lol.

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I had a marketing guy ask us if we could make our MRSA test “have an iPhone app so users can see results.” I died a little inside.


How quickly they’ve forgotten about the world wide web. They have iGlasses clouding their vision.

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How do you set it up with a phone? Bluetooth?

yes, bluetooth. The UI is shockingly simple and straight forward.


I went to set it up last night with a chromebook and the usb isn’t connecting. Maybe it’s the cable they sent or maybe it’s the chromebook. Might just buy a bluetooth adapter and go that route.

I used both, usb and my phone without any problem. The only thing I noticed that the Unity´s bluetooth module sit´s on there sightly crooked.

I just bought a bluetooth from bkb. Wish I could figure out how to get it working with my chromebook though.

Will a data transfer cable from phone to unity work?

Edit: Shit nevermind, I still have an S7 with micro usb lol

Sorry i seem to have lost you somwhere. If S7 means Samsung Galaxy S7 then just download the Focbox Unity UI and connect your phone with the already build in bluetooth module of the Unity. No need for micro usb. No need for a further bluetooth module.


Holy crap! I honestly had no idea bluetooth was built in.


Done. Thanks.


I personally will not support a company that has to put a frikkin circus net around the building because too many people are jumping to their deaths.

Apple litterally bought an entire city, if you don’t work for Apple you have to leave your home as you cannot get basic services. If you do work for Apple there are no basic employment protections because, well, China. So some people barely make enough to eat much less provide for a family…hrnch death plummet to concrete.

I mean, can you imagine death being a more palatable choice that going to work?

That’s why I don’t use apple. Beyond that the quality of hardware, marketing propaganda, closed O/S and huge fees to sell software that uses the apple platform. It’s frikkin awful.

I’m putting my soap box up now.


You’d be great at writing fiction. Seriously, some of the stuff that you write is not grounded in reality. Have you written a single line of code in your life? Professionally, not in classes (the academic kind, not code).

I don’t get the hate :stuck_out_tongue: maybe it’s jelousy?

I had the Samsung Note 8 and iphone X last year and this year Samsung Note 9, iPhone XS and Huawei mate 20 Pro so I’m familiar with both systems. Android kinda feels like a early beta.

The iPhones just work and does a great job of integrating everything and little is done half ass. For example with face id on the x everything was integrated nice from the beginning and I could sign into banking apps and everything with it. On the Huawei with same sensors it’s done the Android way with implementing it half assed. Sensor hardware is amazing and quicker than Apple but software is lacking. I can unlock the phone with it and get some passwords but mostly it can’t be used to authenticate on apps. List of shit like this is long. I use both but I really do prefer the iPhones when I’m not in the mood for fiddling to get even the most basic shit to work.

Should I bring up Notifications, Icloud, memory leaks or battery efficiency?


Feeling a bit hostility man. Though I do want to write a fantasy franchise sometime in the future. One that deals with people channeling the power of mythological gods and beings. A bit of Supernatural Mets Percy Jackson.

Back on topic. Maybe I’ve gotten something wrong here in my previous post. If so it’s better that we sort any misinformation I have on my part and may have gave onto others. So hopefully someone would see the rundown of my points and correct me where I’m incorrect:

  1. In order to officially release a product on the App Store one needs to pay a $100 annual developer fee.

  2. In order to develop native iOS and OSX applications one requires a MacBook which can run up to $1000 or OSX

  3. One can obtain OSX through the means of a Virtual OSX , and then from there, can use Xcode.

  4. Xcode is at times a finicky piece of shit even on Apple hardware (though that’s what happens when you have shit loads of storyboards)

  5. My main idea of my first reply to @briman05 we’re about the whether or not it was truly cost effective to develop OSX applications, especially so when equipment is needed to be gathered.

  6. I then later extended upon the history of VESC configuration tools in the community and how it was often up to the community to compile it and release it for OSX , not the community.

What I’ve said above has nothing to even do with writing code. It has everything to do with how one can start up writing official native OSX applications , the cost of it, and how the community deals with the VESC tools being GPL lisenced.

Ah see this doesn’t help me. All it tells me is that something (or all things) of what I wrote is wrong but you’re not pointing out what and why. And I can’t see it cause everything I written is well… true. There is a $100 annual fee, there is a way of using Xcode via Virtual OSX , and Xcode can be finnacle even when run on Apple hardware, especially so on intensive projects. So running it in a Virtual envoirment May not be the best course of action.

It’s my personal opinion that there should be a $50 surcharge for apple software if you want that. So each Unity costs $50 more if you want apple stuff for it. Because I don’t want the rest of the world to have to pay more and wait longer for innovation to happen, just because some uninformed folks decide to feed the beast.

As someone who works in the software industry, and with all due respect, fuck apple. They are dragging down our entire industry by making it expensive or not possible to innovate, and they are doing it intentionally. It’s no accident.

Buy apple trash, play apple games. Just don’t slow down innovation for the rest of us.


Yes , though not in the same sense as @rpasichnyk ( I do server side queries and work with SQL Databases). But even then I’ve played around with Swift since it’s my favorite language ( haha but Optionals and Extensions are God, and the resources to learn data structures with playgrounds is something I wish would be taught in Uni Classes since they’re so intuitive and forgiving to use).

But the things is , none of what I’ve said has to deal with writing code it self. It has everything to do with the needed equipment and small capital to do so. And if it does , please tell me as I may be ignorant in this regard.

I was raised with Apple - call me spoiled.

I work with PC and android applications because the robotics program at my school requires a basic knowledge and all applications for machinery are run with the school’s PCs. So I can use most interfaces pretty well.

I have an iPhone and a Mac and I like them because they do what I need them to do, but I agree with @mmaner that the way apple treats employees is awful, even if it is improving. My family still adheres to apple, but we don’t pay for the add-on services unless it’s music (my dad got some affordable package deal years ago for 25,000 songs on a family iTunes account, so we use that for most music and then Spotify for newer music and sharing playlists).

Lately though, I haven’t seen any products that have been truly innovative, even AirPods (Apple’s bestselling product this holiday season) are just existing tech that was revamped to work seamlessly with the Apple ecosystem. Their stock is reflecting that lack of eye grabbing innovation that they used to rocket to the top, and as someone who has a large portion of my college fund invested in them I’m quite concerned.