Arbor Deck / Dual 6355 190kv / 12s2p / 97 abec 11 / $1100! complete build for sale

Ok guys, looking to sell my latest build since I have another board coming and need to get rid of off one of these bad boys. I’m not really looking to sell my dual 6374 12s4p build but I’m open to offers on all 3 boards including the Evlolve Bamboo GT with a modded LHB battery (Samsung 30q) none of these boards are even 5 months old besides the evolve which got a new pack 4 months ago.

Not parting anything out but have parts for sale on my other post.

All Torqueboard parts from the vesc to the trucks battery and everything besides the remotes. I use benchwheel remotes from Miami electric skateboards and both DiY boards have Bluetooth modules installed along with shred lights.

Looking for $1250 for the 12s2p build has 40t/16t gearing

Not sure on prices for the dual 6374 or modded evolve BGT


All my boards have 15mm pulleys and belts. Hearing is different but I also have videos showing how they ride. Located in Florida

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Now now , not only do you low ball now you up price 12s2p 330$ Dual 6355 180$ Dual vesc 200$ Motor mounts plus pulley 240$ Deck 60$ Trucks 50$ Wheels 80$ Now that adds up to 1,140$ and that’s it being all new yours are used and bin used for a while. Also we’ve had people be scamed lately and last time I checked u also scamed someone on lipos.

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You forgot labor. :grin:


All of this is from torque boards all of it besides wheels and deck all he did was connect things together not even solder. What labor I sold my dual 6374 with 12s4p and may tech vesc for 600$ and we wants more and its used no logic

You get abec 97 flywheels for $80? Youbget torqueboard trucks for $50?

You do labor for free, bearings, adhesive velcro, shredlights, all the other parts and extra belts. I’d say $1250 for someone who doesn’t want to build is nice. I’m not in a rush to sell and will part it out. collections/longboard-trucks/products/torqueboards-218mm-trucks Yes there that price u get a 10$ coupon from tb all the time . For a person who has bin low balling people on this forum for a long time saying its "used " now u want up price something that cost less brand new than used because "labor "


why the hell are you always so god damn defensive?


Because I can’t stand haters. Miami benchwheel remote is $60 as well along with the Bluetooth module. I’m a pretty aggressive guy in general

Price everything right. I also have my receipts to show I paid over $1250 for everything.

Your trying to play it off saying I got money I ain’t ripping people off what a Kaly XL Carver? Thing is cheap. My 4wd carvon xl cost more .

yea we can tell…


I have nothing against him just selling something "used " and marketing it more than u build it new makes no sense. Labor? Tb is plug and play

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My arguement is valid. I listed the cost of your build came up to 1,140 brand new and your selling it more as used because 'labor " plug and play is not labor its called having 2 hands.
You always lowball and play it off as "am not trying to low ball because xyz excuse of having money "

dude calm down…both of you. Labor making a board for yourself, family and friends should always be free, BUT when you build for someone else you may not know you have the right to charge them.

My current build is looking to cost about $1,250. I will walk to a mirror and argue with my reflection that I should pay myself the labor cost :smirk:. Matt is fishing, just let the man fish.

To us these are “plug and play” that’s why these completed boards mostly gets parted out because no one here in their right mind would pay that much. What he really should do is sell this on ebay, craigslist, facebook groups, etc.

The selling point to people not in the know would be a comparing it to a Boosted showing that it outperforms it at a “lower” price.


Deck $80 find me that deck for less than $80 :thinking: Dual 6355 Motors $180 Dual Vesc $200 97a abec 11 Wheels $97 Trucks $50 ( I paid $65) 12s2p Battery $330 Enclosure Free Motormouth/pulleys $240 Can bus $2 Remote benchwheel $60 Bluetooth module $10 Male to male $2

Now that’s over $1250 jack ass without the

Shred lights $40 Zealous bearings $14 Hardware $2 Risers $3 Weather strips, strong adhesive Velcro strips, tons of extra belts.

I think the major point here is that you stepped on it and USED it, thus price dramatically drops like everything that is used. A car looses 30-50% the second you leave the lot.

The link you provided does not sell Flywheels.

It says “Out of Stock” like everywhere else. An historical price does no good to someone trying to buy some.

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To my knowledge like every month they go back in stock and sell out

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I think its priced pretty good for someone who doesn’t want to make their own board. It’s pretty fair