Are there any builders in Gold Coast QLD?


I live in the Gold Coast and am looking to build my own esk8 (I’m an engineer and DIY’er and long board rider) and it would be cool to actually meet a few people with similar interests in building stuff. I’ve read a ton of content and don’t need help as such - just cool to meet up and talk about different methods and ideas.

I see a lot of people riding around on Evolve boards (I know, I know they are the local brand), but surely there are some locals who want a beer/coffee and chat about DIY builds!

Anyway, if anyone is local and wants to meet up for a skate let me know! I did a search for Gold Coast builders but couldn’t find any - If we can get a few people together that would be awesome - maybe we can start a little workshop :smiley:

Have a bloody good day

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You missed our event!


No way!!! Devostated!

Great vid - that dude from FIIK can ride!

we will be doing more events on gold coast & brisbane this year for sure!


@onloop come down to Sydney! we all wanna meet you! @anon42702729

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Yeah, come down to Sydney too. You can ride my Raptor 1 build :slight_smile:

Yeah, I’d love to ride Sydney soon!

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JFC can he.

That video was great!

I bet you would you little minx

@Voyager1 there are a few guys in Brisbane who might be up for meets and group rides. Hit the facebook group. @mars @Jebe @TinnieSinker All splendid chaps and tinnie is a battery guru. Marks been a bit quiet since he got his tiller special though and Karl will try to sell you something. Welcome

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@oploop, When are you coming to Brisbane??

I’ll be living in Brisbane probably in April

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Nice! Can’t wait for the group rides, there isn’t many is Brisbane anymore

we will be planning one for sure! in a few weeks

Ive broken my ankle riding my DIY board. Some fault occurred with the focboxes and threw me off. Anyway that was 8 weeks ago. About a week after i broke my ankle my raptor 2.1 arrived so its just sitting in the box and i cant do anything with it. Hopefully i will be good within the next 3 weeks and i can come on the ride

Group rides, sounds good.

Yeah…I’ve got a tiller special and I’m grounded. Surgery in a few days…AC stabilization.

I’ll be keen when I start to mend.

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Sorry to hear that mate. Get well soon and when the ride happens I will make the long drive down to deepest darkest brisbane. I get anxious when i leave the coast though. @onloop Hey Jason do I qualify for a place in the group? I’ve got focboxes in my build.

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We don’t discriminate, any board, bike, trike, or OW is welcome. Our group rides are more about community and fun, less about enertion.

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I was joking have a coffee. I would have just crashed the gig anyway. :sunglasses:

No pogo sticks allowed


See discrimination. Knew it. I’ll bring the evo so the course can’t have any corners

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