AT LEAST IT WORKS BUILD...or does it? 32" Arbor Zeppelin Maple Longboard Deck Gullwing Sidewinder II Trucks DIY Skate Mount 2x 3S 5.0 Turnigy LiPos

Hello, new to the forum. I am looking at a parts list I made and would like to know if I have everything and if it is all compatible. Any experts wanna share their advice? Here is the list:



VESC TORQUE ESC VESC ® BLDC Electronic Speed Controller diy-electric-skateboard-kits-parts/vesc-the-best-electric-skateboard-esc/ $100

LiPo Batteries

Turnigy 5000mAh 3S 20C Lipo Pack

$25 each x2


TorqueBoards 2.4ghz Nano Remote Controller diy-electric-skateboard-kits-parts/torqueboards-2-4ghz-nano-remote-controller/ $60

Skyrc Imax B6 Professional Rapid Lipro Balance Charger/discharger $35

Male to Male Servo Connector diy-electric-skateboard-kits-parts/male-male-servo-connector/ $2

Single Bolt On Motor Mount w/ Drive Wheel Kit diy-electric-skateboard-kits-parts/single-bolt-on-motor-mount-with-drive-wheel-kit/ $106.99

LiPo Series Adapter $8 amazon

Battery Monitor $9

XT90 Connectors 5 Pairs Amass XT90-S Anti-Spark Male Female Connector for Battery, ESC and Charger Lead $17

JST-XH 7 Pin

Heat Shrink 130 PC. Dual Wall Adhesive Marine Heat Shrink Kit - 3:1 Shrink Ratio - Black and Red


HXT 5.5mm Bullets Male to XT90 Female no wires Direct Connector battery Turnigy $9

Shipping cost: $35 Total(not including small parts): $455

Also, I’m looking at some reasonable sized hills in my area, I want to go a nice speed but definitely need torque to go up those hills. What do you think about the one I chose? Looking forward to hearing from you guys. Thanks!

Looks good, if you want a bit better motor look at the DIY 6374 190kv. Also I would recommend a mini remote instead of that nano remote. I also recommend using all one type of connector so you don’t have to get confused with different types, good luck!

What connectors would you recommend? I’m thinking of just going with the xt90s, and why not the nano remote? I like the fact that it is smaller, are their known problems with it?

that motor wouldn’t give him much speed with his current batteries

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Just updated the motor, what do you think about that one? I’m looking for decent speed but more to go up hills, and will this work well with the batteries I selected? Should I run the batteries in series or parallel, from what I’ve taken so far it seems people are running them in series but wouldn’t that give you a higher mah with the same voltage? Do you think gonna need more voltage capabilities for my set up? Especially to go up those darn hills! lol Do you guys think the mount will work with the Gullwings? I know lots of questions!

As for the speed, I would add another 3s battery in there in series to increase the voltage and give you some more headroom on that side. That motor should be pretty good on torque otherwise

Pick a Sk3 245kv or a DIY 260kv

I’ll take a look, care to explain why that might be a better option?

Im running 2x3s in series like you plan, so 6s. And my motor is 260kv and gearing 1:3… So with lower kv numbers, you need more voltage.

got it, what about with the sk3 245kv recommended by IsTalo, would that work well with the two batteries and power me up a hill with a pretty decent incline?

Of course I can, I’m here to help you. A 190kv is a good motor, but 19042v gives you a lot of Rpm. But 19024v give you the half of that Rpm, so half of the speed to your build. A 260 kv motor is made for a 6s battery, It will have enough torque and speed with the right gearing. That is why a 190kv will not be that good for you

Use the @, then I can see the post. A 245 kv motor will be enough to go to 15 to 20% grade hills, but there are some other variables, like, if you use a 90mm wheel? It will give you more speed and less torque.

Awesome, thanks for the info, going with the motor you suggested. Getting ready to buy all the parts now.

Wait, are you sure of all that pieces? One mistake that I did was buying everything without research and now I have a lot of problems

I recommend you buying a Li-ion pack, It is more expensive, but when a Lipo have 300 cicles, a Li-ion have 1000. Also the Pack that is on the link come with a Bms, Battery indicator and a Power switch. If you have a bit more dollars I really recommend this, because I bought Lipos that are swollen now.

The guy also make cheaper packs, 6s3p is 300 dolars I think, send him a private massage @barajabali

or buy at Diy, seens to be a good pack and you have the same shipping


Right now my build is going to cost about $425, those battery packs are way above my budget, but they are a great option if I had the cash to spend. I am mostly sure of the parts, I did a reasonable amount of research but the reason I posted here was to confirm with you guys if they are all compatible and will work.

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Yeah, just take care of that Lipos, seriously, Your build is good

You just missed a important part of the longboard, the wheels, also that motor mount will not work with sidewinter trucks, they are made for Calibers trucks

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Stay away from the nano remote if possible. Get a GT2B and a 3d printed enclosure for it.

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Its the same kv as the motor listed… However, a Sk3 213kv or a 245kv would work well with a 6s setup.

It has been known to be unreliable and have dropouts, however the mini remote is about the same size if you remove the wheel and it is rock solid. I would use regular XT90 or XT60 connectors for everything because you can’t accidentally short your batteries by plugging them into each other as you can with bullet connectors. I would only use the XT90-S for an anti-spark loop key.

Correct. Also forgot gearing and belt.