AT, Off-road or Different Shore-hardness Wheels - For ONAN Booster BOards

Hey, I’m making some aftermarket wheels for my ONAN boosterX2 and thought someone else might be interested in buying some.

I’m modelling them after the MBS A/T wheels - will be using a TPU filament from Polymaker and printing them. I have a couple of designs. But I think 100mm will not affect the torque and top speed too much but will make for a more comfortable ride.

I will be printing with 90-95A filament - but will use about 20-30% infill with 4-8 perimeters to create a softer yet durable wheel. It has taken a lot of effort and research to get to this stage and figured there must be someone else out there who would want more wheel options for HUB motor boards.


Will be interesting to see how they hold up

Printed TPU won’t hold up for long I’m afraid, did this some time ago. ATM I’m doing some pu casting with the same goal (MBS wheel for hubs), I’ll post a short tutorial/build log soon :slight_smile: You should try it anyway, maybe you’re lucky.

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I have already done a PLA print but they were too hard. I’m after a more shock absorbing finish, as I’ll be using them on very rough, but still road/concrete terrain.

What print settings did you have - re: infill and perimeters?

I printed them with 100% infill and only one perimeter since they tended to get loose layerwise. The infill actually lasted much longer.

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100% infill!! and they didn’t last long? What kind of life did you get from them?

Check his videos of MAD hubs tests, you’ll understand haha :laughing:

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Could you link them?

But be warned, its quite long and boring :smile:

edit: Oh, I just realized it was the wrong video :smiley: This is the right one :wink:


They’re a bit thinner than I was planning to make

What about buying some mbs wheels and making an adapter to turn the hubs into a direct drive like @Martin

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Looks good, did you try it yet? Edit: take care that your infill pattern has the same stabilityin every position :wink:

No yet, this is the PLA print to make sure the size is correct.

What kind of infill would you suggest?

I did consider this (mounting the MBS wheels) , but it seemed more difficult and created additional fail points. I was also worried about the axle length of the trucks.

These might be interesting:

Video: This video about the infill bouncyness problem. I would suggest something where the pattern direction is always directed towards the ground, similar to the video:

As I already said, the TPU wears off pretty fast, when you do a thicker version it will hold longer but nowhere near a molded PU.

This was my first try to get some feeling for the process. I’m currently waiting for new molding silicone and I’m pretty optimistic it will work almost perfectly if not absolutely perfectly :smiley:


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grafik @Richter This is how the impact will be handled differently.

That’s awesome!!

Maybe I should just quit and buy a set of these from you!