Atom Camper - EMTB - MBS - Dual FOCBOX - 10s12p

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Met up with some friends for a test ride - got to see an old board that I built too!


F*cking SEXY

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add one more bearing to make it 2-bearing width? might help evenly distribute the force of the idler to the belt.

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Unfortunately the bolts aren’t really long enough… I’ll see what I can do.

My shorter belts arrived tonight!! I was so excited that I put them on and took a ride without lights - this led to my first fall ever off of an esk8 when I hit a root off-road. Note to self: don’t be a dumbf*ck and ride off-road no lights at night with no elbow or knee padding. Luckily it was only my shin that got scraped up, and the board is totally fine. I also adjusted the mounts upwards for more clearance.

This board is amazing, pretty much everything I ever dreamed of in an off-road vehicle. The only thing I’m a bit pissed about is the bushings - they suck. @Alphamail I know you said it’s hard to find good bushings for these because of the baseplate but anything you can recommend to help the situation would be highly appreciated - right now bushings are super tight and I still get wobble at 20mph.

Tomorrow the caster wheels go on - this should be fun.


Welcome to the club :wink: Falling with a MTB is very likely and it happens often to me because sometimes I like to ride stupid :laughing: Before riding I need some minutes to gear up but can keep on riding after a fall.

Sounds great, I would join a offroad no lights at night group ride but I’m located too far away


I just remembered your crash…with your urban carve… did you see, kaly yesterday wrote that he has some mini hangers laying around for shipping only. Maybe it’s something you could need?

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Haha thanks bro, already ordered replacement truck. But would be great for future crashes… hmmm I think I should try not to crash again with the carver, too painful. I prefer classic MTB falls.

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Sorry @anorak234 , what trucks are trying to dial in?

MBS ATS: image image image image image


OK, those will take Street height on top (.5") and Regular longboard on bottom (.6"). So for the top you can likely fit a StreetCone, StreetBarrel, StreetFatCone and possibly a StreetChubby. On the bottom, you can fit a Cone, Barrel and Canon. The recessed base plate makes it difficult to fit a FatCone or Chubby in that position unless you use the washer we send with the larger diameters to bridge the recess whereas you could use Street height both top and bottom. Do you live in the USA?

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Yep. Only 5 hrs away from you by car (SF Bay Area).

Sweet, since I do not have a pair of these trucks to work with, can I send you some things to try so we can sort this out for others with these trucks?


Absolutely. Let me know what the plan is - thanks for the help.

This is what is in them currently?

12016 - Truck Bushings - Orange - Medium (95A)


10 char

Just got back from a range test - looks like I’ll get about 35 miles of range the way I’m running it now, that’s not bad but I think I can improve it with more tire inflation and some tensioner adjustments. I LOVE this thing in every way - only problem is the low speed wobbles. They’re weird, something I’m not used to weighing just about 160 so it’s news to me that this could happen with 95A bushings. Anyways - pictures! I also figured out that I could mount and charge a GoPro while riding!! image image image image image


Added my “wheelie bar”!! image image


Bushing testing here we go! image image


Has anyone tested gummies on rockstar 2?

Bushing testing has been incredibly successful. With a new combination of a 97.5a Chubby boardside over 97.5a ShortStreet roadside in the back and 95a Magnum over 97.5a ShortStreet roadside on the front, this thing now carves just as much as I want it to, without any speed wobbles whatsoever. It’s truly incredible to be able to gun the remote and know that what’s moving me is bulletproof. For anyone with ATS trucks, I can’t recommend this upgrade enough. PM me or @Alphamail if you want alternate bushing setups that will also perform well with a similar setup.

Here are pictures of the new bushing setup and my stickerbombed enclosure. image image image image image

Big shoutout to @Alphamail for hooking me up with these amazing bushings and helping with getting the right combination for my needs. I highly recommend riptide bushings for fine-tuning setups and I’m honestly wishing that I had started making this kind of upgrade on other boards long ago. Anyways, glad I have the performance setup that I have now, and hopefully everyone will see me riding around San Francisco soon!