Automatic belt tension slip prevention Idea!

Here’s my idea. As our belts get used or even warm up they stretch and frankly mounts can move. We want the best tension. Not too tight not to loose. To tight and they bind or stress the motor. Too loose and they skip teeth. Also if the motor pulley is smaller it skips teeth because the belt is making less contact with it. Well if we designed a tension pulley with the right or even adjustable spring load all that would be solved. You could even grip the belt more with the motor pulley making a more serpentine effect.


It’s called an ‘idler’ and it’s used on a couple builds on here. Ollin’s new mount has a spot for one as well.


Actually it’s called a tension pulley lol

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Good to know though. Thought I was smart…lol

@Lsalt @Jinra

I haven’t seen any with actual springs to tension the board though? Does @chaka use a spring to tension the idler?

I thin if someone can make one that attaches to an enertion mount, I’d buy one I actually kind of need one right now for a small build. Lol

You wouldn’t need a spring, you can adjust the tension on the idler by the position.

Yes I know but a spring would allow for skipping that adjustment step and just always have the perfectly tensioned belt Plus adding another mechanical step would look sweet and over engineered haha

you still have to adjust the tension correctly for the C distance. I think too much tension from the idler and you’ll end up having a belt too tight anyway. The only time I see an idler being a benefit is if the belt needs to be moved out of the way of something or if your motor pulley is too small.

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I suppose you’re right.

I’d still like to see it anyway. Someone do it lol

Just like a tension pulley on a car…that was my thinking. IT could be done to make the perfect tension. I’m back in the game! JINRA was hatin lol jk

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Do it man! It’s your idea do it before someone else does it and you get mad that they stole it.

Cuz you know if someone else doesn’t it you’ll get mad :wink: hahah it’s happened to me before.

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I use an idler on all my builds now. so good. worth it. i don’t see the need for a spring. keep it simple.

@lowGuido Do you have a picture? Now I want to add one to mine, haha

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Expect too see it … someone is already working on it … not gonna say who (no not me)

Haha @Michaelinvegas in his garage furiously playing with springs and bolts and rollers


Lol no way man…

I’ll leave that to you guys … I might drill my hand

I’m using a bearing as the pulley…you can all give up now it’s done lol jk

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Nice, mine is spring loaded

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Can you show any pictures of it?