Avenue Suspension Trucks review/tutorial

This is a review and tutorial of Avenue suspension trucks

These are street style trucks not RKP longboard trucks. I got the widest trucks they offered for 9.5" boards, these are actually 9.25" axel tip to tip. My hope is that they will make longboard trucks in the near future, and also have the option for stiffer suspension too, but more on that later.

Luckily the hanger shape is similar enough to caliber trucks that with some minor modification a caliber truck mount will fit. I tapped the mount onto the truck to leave a mark where the handpger was too big then carefully filed the hanger down on 3 sides till the mount fit well.

I took this out for a first ride on my test board (thanks for the great idea @lowGuido) this was actually an incredibly smooth ride watch carefully how stable the board is and how much the trucks absorb, I was pretty surprised how well they worked. These are even smoother than my pneumatic setup because those wheels aren’t perfectly balanced. The last few seconds of the video is on a gravel driveway. The one big issue for me is that if I tried I could get the trucks to bottom out or hit the baseplate, but I’m a pretty big guy 6’3" 220lb, the good news is that it didn’t do it under normal riding conditions, I had to kinda pump my weight up and down to get it to bottom out. I think these would be fine for anyone under 200lbs.

TL;DR PROS: Smoothest ride I’ve felt Suspension works very well Pretty easy to modify to take Caliber style mount Relatively inexpensive

CONS: Not longboard style trucks Hanger must be modified for esk8 mount Hanger too short for dual rear mount Dual diagonal might be possible with longer mount plate Not quite stiff enough for us big guys over 200lbs


Cool work. These suspension trucks have a bunch of hype on Braile skate.


Look forward wo hearing how you like riding them…

Updated first post :grin:

Nicely done! Looks like they work well.

Silly question: Would a caliber hanger fit on the Avenue baseplate?

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Not even close, totally different style trucks. My tensor hanger almost fit but not quite.

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Looks great man… I hear they will be coming out with longboard specific trucks …

I may have to try it

Well done mate



We should ask them to make a Caliber or Paris shaped hanger


How do they perform on high speed?? Wobble ???

@bender great review thanks for sharing! How is the rebound after the trucks are compressed? Does it feel like a pogo stick? I’ve wondered hiw the ride would feel with no dampening.

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How abt sticking in a bushing to protect against bottoming out and to provide a little more stiffness?


I skate park and pool on Avenue trucks regularly. I would recommend them to anyone who wants a smoother ride. They let me ride harder wheels without as much punishment on the knees. My 2 cents.

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Nice work. I certainly had my eyes on these. Might be a good upgrade for a stiff full carbon fibre enertion deck…

I want to try them, too but here in China they are not available. maybe in Hong Kong but not sure

great but expensive to get them to EU, over 100 Eur with shipping and taxes and too small for dual-motors


How do they handle turns? I would like to see how they react when you turn and hit some kind of bump… are they stable enough or would you get some kind of wobble because of the suspesion it has…

What is the protection for the 3 wires from the motor called?

Great. I just got my Avenue trucks a couple of weeks ago. I was planning on doing the same thing but with @psychotiller R.I.P.B.A. Axle Set Motor Mount. I did some quick fittings and noticed it would take some filing to get it to work. It’s great that the enertion mount works as well. Do you notice any wheel or motor bite at all ? Curious on how the compression will affect that and how high our spacers need to be to accommodate this.

@SimonVoss it is called wire braid or wire mesh


I tried bangfish springer truck but I was not able to mount the enertion-mount with enought space left for the pulley. And it’s difficult to modify the hanger without weaken them. And replacing the hanger with caliber, tracker dart etc. is not possible, complete different system.

Someone know if it is possible to extend the hanger?