Axle lengths for mtb

I got some new wheels and pulleys to convert my esk8 to e-MTB but unfortunately my TB218 trucks don’t have long enough axles! The width of wheel, pulley, and nut totals at 72mm. What trucks will these fit on? If some people with pneumatic wheels could tell me what trucks they use and the axle lengths that would be really helpful, because for whatever reason the manufacturers don’t list this information.

Trampa vertigo trucks have an axle of 60mm where 10mm is threaded. Should be the same for infinity trucks aswell.

SurfRodz would be the way to go

How long are they?

Depends on how long u want them lol, the axles are swappable

Or axle extensions for your TB218 trucks:


Extend the overall hanger width and the axle section at the same time


Where can one get those? :smiley:

Found a source in EU.

I made mine, really very easy and im pretty sure a local machine shop could make a set for you.

The ones you linked wouldn’t work for the OP i dont think, as only the overall hanger width is widened, it looks like the axle sections are standard length.

After they “machined holes” in my pulleys, I have BIG doubts about my local machine shops… :laughing:



I could probably make you a set, they arent as fancy as the surf rodz ones, but they are longer (i can make any length, the shoulder section on mine is standard axle length, inc thread and the new axle is whatever thickness a trampa wheel is), thicker (the ‘shoulder’ on mine is 16mm, stepping down to a 12mm axle) and almost certainly stronger :sunglasses:

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How much for a set?

Im not too sure, prob similar price to the surfrodz ones above, I’ll check on material costs and get back to you

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Hey again!

I think i could make a set of 4, and ship them for maybe 35/40€ (depending on how many sets i made/how much bar stock i buy).

If you are interested, i can send over a diagram of dimensions (minimum axle diam, minimum extendion etc etc)

I’m definitely interested in a set for that price. Do you need the dimensions for the trucks? Where are you located?

Hey man, sorry for the delay…

I just to know how much you want to stretch your hanger by, your required axle section (how thick your wheels centre section are) and your required axle diameter

Thanks, don’t worry about the delay. I have a lot on my plate right now but I’ll come back to you with some numbers in a few days.

I did quite a few measurements today, but I’m not 100% confident in the quality of my calipers. My wheels’ bearings say “6001 2rs” which I measured to an inner diameter of 9mm (compared with 8mm for a normal skateboard bearing).
The axle of my tb218 measured 48mm long while the sandwich of wheel, pulley, and nut come out at 72mm (negative space taken into account). I’ll just attach the pictures i took. (The first pic is the axle compared to the required length) IMG_20190325_131658 IMG_20190325_131753 IMG_20190325_133503 IMG_20190325_131842 Just tell me if you need more measurements!


Ok, cool… just a couple of things…

6001 rs bearings are listed as normally having an 8mm bore? Unless I’m missing something? And it actually looks like the internal diam is closer to 9.5mm, which is more or less the same as the trampa axles? What wheels are those? It might help.

On top of that, what kind of pulleys are you using where you are accounting for the pulley + wheel + nut for your overall axle length? From what i see, very few MTB pulleys utilise an in-pulley bearing?

Here are the wheels and pulleys: I found some digital calipers at school that I can use. I’ll see if I can measure the bearing id again with those.