Axle vesc thread

You read that right.

I would like to introduce to the eSk8 community Axle, a new high-end manufacturer of the VESC. All of our VESC’s are put together on-site and extensively tested before being shipped out to a client. For a couple of months now, we’ve been trying to streamline our manufacturing process to reduce costs without compromising quality.

We know that Vesc’s are tricky, especially for people just getting into the game. That’s why we’ll repair your VESC free of charge (just pay return shipping) for the first time, no questions asked. Afterwards, we will offer repair services for free for 24 months. You’ll only have to pay for the components.

So some things about our VESC"s: -We apply conformal coating to all of our VESC’s to protect it when things get a little…rough :wink: -Caps. at C37 and C51 and C18 have been upgraded to a higher capacitance to handle more powaa -Each Vesc is carefully inspected to prevent the formation of solder bridges, that can lead to shorts.

We’re a running a pre-order sale for those eager to jump in early. The sale price is $83 USD.

Now for some FAQ

Q. I don’t see any pictures? Where tf are they? A. We’ll post some on our site and on this thread soon. We’re still getting shipped our components; and all of the small qty. of VESC’s made have been sold to a few members on this thread.

Q. So how do they look like? A. Our Vesc’s are colored with a matte black solder mask and white silkscreen. sexy.

Q.I live in Afghanistan, can I still buy from you? A. Sure! Just send us an email about your order and we’ll be happy to sort your international order out for you.

Q.What if i change my mind after I pre-order a VESC from you? A. Don’t sweat it. We’ll offer you a full refund of your purchase if your order hasn’t shipped yet.

Q.What kind of connectors are on the VESC? A. For our pre-orders, we are not offering any connectors on our VESC’s. If you need any, you can send us an email about your order. Update: We will include 5.5 mm gold connectors and XT-60’s connectors with all VESC’s

Q.So I pre-ordered, when will I get my Vesc’s A. After the pre-order deadline, we will ship out orders within 2-4 weeks depending on pre-order sales.

Q. What type of candy do you like? A. Sour. Patch. Kids. :smiley:

Pre-Orders will end on 9/15/16. Vesc’s will cost are regular reail price of 110USD afterwards.

Visit us at


So when you say your VESC do not come with connectors does that mean any wires at all and I will have to solder it myself?

The pre-order button is broken mate.

How much do you charge for international shipping?

made in house where? Also will help understand shipping costs if we ever need to return one for repair.

Good to have another contender in the ring.

What percent or per-board $ is going to Vedder to support his innovation? (thinking v6 in particular)

Best of luck!

@chris.hunt It will have silicon wires., just not any connectors such as Xt-90’s and so. @Pantologist I’ll get on that (fixed!) @Sean depends where you are in the world. Send us an email and we can give you a number. @sl33py We make them all in NJ, USA! Shipping costs will be the same as when you bought them. Ie; if you paid 7.35 for shipping, you’ll pay 7.35 to send it back. pre-orders sales will not be donated to Vedder. We are giving them out almost at cost, and we need a little more room for expenses. Once we go into regular sales, we will donate 20% of the profit to Vedder.


Sounds tempting, might have to pick up some.

Oh nice, in in NJ too. Quick shipping.

Are you guys following all the recommended changes from Vedder’s forum?

Yep! Besides caps, we’ve also made sure we’ve done some basic stuff like cut the pins on P1 so people don’t kill their VESC. We’re always following closely on issues presented on forums like these so that we can try and prevent them in production.


@zmoney How well do they hold up at 12S and for how long?

Hey I’m order #1! Do I get a prize? jk :smile:

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i might throw in some goodies in for you

We’ve tested our VESC’s with a 12s rig and they do alright. I won’t lie, they get a little toasty. I would want to avoid using motors going over 60kERPM. This might burn of your DRV. I’d recommend that you shouldn’t use ANY MOTOR higher then 200kv. That’s a no-no.

Are you using only the vedder bom ? Or did you made any change ?

Is the delivery date set in stone? I am not sure I will ever receive my order from enertion, been waiting 5 months! I will gladly get yours since they also seem to be better quality. Thanks for finally bringing a quality vesc to the market! Seems like you have a warranty too.

Just checked our system, there are no orders that old waiting to ship. You need to email [email protected] with an order id, using this forum in this way won’t be much assistance to you.

Also note, enertion offers a 12 months instant replacement warranty & the VESC are in stock in US now with the NEW Upgraded capacitor boards & xt60 connectors included.

We are using Vedders BOM with a few a couple of higher rated caps

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Yes it is. We don’t like to have people wait any longer then they have to. They will be shipped out 2-4 weeks after pre-orders end.

So it is the same as all the other vesc out there… You’ve just change a few 50v caps and put “quality” as a stamp…

I don’t want to sound rude, but with no major modification you will get the same kind of problem as everyone

Good Luck

Well i guess if you want to put it that way…sure. But I’d like to remind you that the VESC isn’t a project of mine. There’s no doubt in my mind that anyone with dedication can build one on their own. The difference is the warranty that comes with these VESC’s. If you buy one from us and you screw up, you won’t need to cough up another X amount of money to buy a completely new VESC.

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