**Banana-mote-miniTX** || 3D Printed Enclosure V0.2 || Thumb Wheel || ws2801 rgb Led Voltage Meter ||

Remotes have become a popular topic recently since there are so few options.

I’ve tried to make an enclosure for the gt2b but the board is just too big, meanwhile my mini remote has worked well without any major problems.

A look inside shows amic A7105 transever module similar to this 3.3v input. and no regulator so I’ll have to get some external ones to use a single li ion 18650.

Super mini

mini remote tx 3.3v regulator 700mah li ion slim battery attiny85 microcontroller 2 x ws2801 rgb led (5v) Voltage meter displayed by leds^. micro usb charger 1A. Undecided Compact style thumb or rocker throttle.

Hopefully nano remote size or smaller!


mini remote tx 3.3v regulator 3000mah 18650 attiny85 microcontroller 3w led + mosfet pwm 3 - 5x ws2801 rgb led (5v) Voltage meter displayed by leds^. micro usb charger 1A. Boosted style thumb wheel (might use orginal steering wheel).

A mock up with an enclosure meant for another project…


24mm thick. similar size…

mini remote - nano + nrf - gt2b


Looks awesome man, would love to have a look at the design in 3D :slight_smile:

thanks! I haven’t printed the lid yet so heres a look at the cad model.

I’m going to try to cut off the top so I can print it vertical and get a stronger, nicer grip.

The board has no mounting holes so I will glue it in place…somewhere…

It really reminds me of the boosted remote, and that’s a good thing :slight_smile:

Yes thats kinda what i’m going for, at least for now.

I finally tried a boosted (v2) a few days ago and the remote was better than i expected but i did keep rolling the wrong way. The torque was nice and smooth too but thats going off topic…

(not mine) boosted remote tear down


Are you sure that you need a 3.3v regulator. And which one did you use. I want to run mine also via li-ion.

Ugh will someone print a ripe banana shaped remote already?

The board only has a diode on input voltage, and the module input is 2 - 3.6V so yes.

I was thinking of using a LiFePO4 battery 3.3-3.6v (Perfect) but then i’d have to find a charger…and all that.

banana? :banana::banana::banana::banana:


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Im gonna make this a thing. The peel will be the trigger

and a hand guard on the other side :joy:

but…but…i don’t have any yellow filament! :cry:

Not yet you dont! How much does that cost? Yellow for the peel and maybe a cream color for the insides…we can paint on some brown spots and blemishes for authenticity

about $30 a kg roll :money_mouth:

actually i have some clear that would work for the inside…this design took a pivot.

Banana? kinda…5minute attempt…


I really like the feel of a thumb wheel. Do you think you can switch the potentimeter contacts of the wheel and finger trigger to use the wheel for the forward and brake channel?

The wheel already works, you just have to connect to ch1 on the rx. :nerd:

I like the wheel too it just needs to be slimmer and centered. coming soon!

Ohh my gawd its beautiful already! I need to download a program and spend all night on a peeled design. Id rock gt2b banana controller so hard

i’m thinking a half peeled design, just not sure how to print that… guess it could work for a gt2b but it would be fat

Might have to print the peels separately, then glue them to the base. After glueing the joints between the peel and the…shaft?..can be sanded and painted, which saves us $30 of yellow filament since we’ll have to paint it anyways. If it doesnt seem like too much of a pain, id totally pay for a fat gt2b banana controller. Ive been dreaming of it since day 1 before i even knew what LiPo stood for lol! Any idea what youd charge for a half peeled fat banana remote?

well a roll would be enough for like 20 remotes and I need more anyways… I was planning something a bit different…but this would just be a different shell. :thinking:

let me try to print a test and see how it feels…what wold a banana remote be worth to you? :sunglasses:

and does anyone else want one? lol

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