Battery Soldering Service EU

I am offering a soldering service for batterys, prices may variate for the amount of cells/batterys/orders, since the more batteries i get, the less i pay.

At first ty @Okami for this information:


I solder with leaded solder tin and soldering flux at low temperatures and high wattage, the cells will not get damaged.

Available cells for soldering: 18650 & (26650) - LG-HG2/VTC5/VTC6/LG-HE2/30Q/

Cells can be placed directly after each other to make short packages, sealed with hot glue/silicone/gasketmaker or urethane, or they can be soldered with plastic spacers.

Available connector types: hilumin, nickel, copper and fuse wire (so the cells are fused directly)

connectors available: XT90/XT60/Dean’s Ultra/EC5/Jeti(Hacker)/6mm Bullet (w/ 0,04 mOhm)/optional Antispark with (some of) the plugs

Possibility to ad a balancer or balancer wires without connector, since every bms got its own pin assignment - if you got the assignment, np

Sometimes i get some cells cheaper, right now 10S3P w/ 7,5Ah / 60A cont. - LG HE2 for 145.- for the lite version without anything but cables for connecting.

I can also add a charger with BMS so you just plug like a 12pin connector in your board and the batterys will be charged, this can save some space and lowers the danger of shorting components.

for more, hit me up please!


What do your soldered cells look like? :thinking:

i will provide pictures of the soldered cells right tomorrow! it is to late to get now in the basement, haha.

I don’t want to he rude or anything , but I think you have to be a level 3 to sell anything that is preorder. We have had a lot of new people with less than 50 days try to start there own business without knowing what there doing or scam people am not saying that’s you just its bin happening alot more lately


i did not see that, im sorry.

if this is not wanted i will delete the topic asap! just trying to help people get batterys b/c i know how long you’re looking for someone that can do this.

Hence, i will provide pictures tomorrow and will add “trading terms”? i can also add list price and qty, but since there are like 100 combinations of batterys/connectors/wiring/bms/battery qty it would be a very long list.


Pictures and kind of « proof » you can build said batterys and deliver on time will be enough Post pictures of your set up etc, take example on how @darkkevind did his battery buisness.

The problem with not being lvl 3 is that u can’t take a prepayment or preorder and well if someone ask you to build them a pack but thell pay u when u have it done u run the risk of them bailing on u and u have a done pack and a customer who bailed thus not a good way to run business

do you use nickel? what kind of nickel? copper braid? roughing cells? flux? lead time? soldering iron? pics? roughing nickel? bms amperage? pack layout? experience in the field? successful orders? examples? age? location?

  1. i am using copper
  2. what kind of nickel is there? 99,9% & size is depending on the cells
  3. copper stripes/massive
  4. i will not mechanical damage the cells, this is not needed
  5. F-SW 12 for copper/F 300 fo nickel
  6. ERSA 100W Powerstation/broad heads/hammer heads what will be needed
  7. i said tomorrow
  8. sure
  9. 30-40A disc. but who the fucks uses a BMS for discharging without paying 100 of euros
  10. like you want, i think the most will prefer flat
  11. doing that shit for some years because i learned it
  12. from where?
  13. pictures tomorrow, like is said. you reiterate
  14. germany
  15. 23



lol. i was not expecting you to respond to all those :rofl:

those are just things i would look for in a battery maker.

why should i not respond, those are actually quite important questions for some people.

i do not want to start a business right now, i started studying after i did my apprenticeship/worked and i just want to offer my skills for people who need batterys, because a spot welder is expensive for 1 pack and soldering is just not.

so, if there are questions i can answer, i wont hesitate to do


@Exiledd_Top is correct. As a level 2 (member) you can only sell items that you have in hand. Buy the cells, build the battery pack and then sell it by posting it in this category with full details and pictures.


I have one question. What do you mean by “low temperatures and high wattage”?

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I thought about that too. I think he meant low duration of high temperatures and high wattage. Though I still have qualms on how soldering can turn out good. One thing I find particularly dangerous is when there is solder residue on the positive terminal and it makes its way through the crack connecting the negative shell. :fireworks:

Also, there is a thin insulation ring between the positive and negative on the positive end of the cell. Not sure how heat resistant it is either.

Instant melt when touched. Not good. :unamused:

I meant on the inside of the cell, not the outer sleeve.

i am not heating the soldering iron up the the maximum temperature, because if you have low melting tin, it would just burn the flux.

also, some of my best friends was RC Car Worldchampion back a few years ago, he soldered all his cells, starting with nimh cells and going over to lion, he never had any differences to welded cells, and you would be noticing this because of missing power.

as i said, here are provided pcitures of the work, sadly this is the only one i have here around, and this is my own.

i am always using fishpaper or insulating paper for these cells.

i could sure build some packs, maybe someone is interested. i just need to know what to build? i am thinking of :

10S2P and 10S3P Samsung 25R, price can be lowered if i buy more cells. but i had some conversation already and 2 x 10S2P i could give aways for 220-230€.

I will built those packs asap. maybe then we’ll see if this works out!


Looks like your soldering skills are quite good.

U should also mention that a lot of ebike battery builds use copper and soldering, so people should not be afraid from properly soldered packs.

DIY Powerwalls also tend to be soldered as far as I know.

I think the thing is people are used to see spotwelded packs, so soldered packs are a bit of taboo here.

Though I think it is somewhat other way around, high power applicactions either have soldered connections or clamped / physically mounted ones.

As about pack size, I think the generally accepted size is 10s3p or 10s4p and 12s 2p / 12s3p

Though no problem offering 10s 2p, cost will be less and for longboard build might be just enough


10s4p 30q is majority’s preference I’d say

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