(Bay Area) Sale Acton Qu4tro $1,300

First four wheel drive (4WD) production board in the world. Carbon aluminum 39’ deck. Sturdy construction. Avenue type spring absorbers. San Fran tested (worst streets on this side of the solar system). No hill maintains its virginity with this his thing. Fkng SUV crawls mountains like nothing with its four low kvs hub wheel motors. They hardly get warm to the touch after lenghtly use. Smooth powerful take offs. No electronic issues what so ever, zero glitches or bad pairing conectivity. 100% remote conection every time all the time since day one (no Evolve remote bllsht here or bailing your ass out on a trilled downhill with no brakes).

Permanent player with the BAEsk8 Group rides here in SF. Want references? Ask our members about this baby they’ll tell you how is been treated and how she performed. First owner. 9/10 condition. Selling it because want to try greener pastures on the other side. You want hubs on a top end $1,700 longboard? This is the stealth spacecraft for ya!

  • Carbon Aluminum construction
  • 4WD Hub system (4 motors)
  • 23 mph (37 kms) top speed
  • 22 mile (35 kms) range
  • 10s3p 25R battery
  • Regenerative braking
  • 88mm hub wheel covers
  • Tension suspension trucks (Avenue type spring absorbers)
  • 30% incline rate
  • Thumb remote, on\off, forward\reverse controls
  • Three (3) riding modes
  • Front white\rear red\white side lights
  • Charging time 3 hours
  • Acton App

30 battery cycles. 614 miles. Asking $1,300


IMG_20181210_151440 IMG_20181010_164724




IMG_20180818_161514 IMG_20180817_220200




haha, I wasn’t ever able to get to a group ride with you to try it out. Was always curious how this thing performed.

Still think 30% grade is a bit exaggerated. It’s hard for any urathene wheel to even get enough grip to go up a hill that steep.

Maybe I can catch it in a group ride before you sell it!


I’d like to see the data sheets on that claim… Ill wait

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lol, that is based on testing from others that I’ve ridden with. The reason being, at least in SF, steep roads are made of concrete, and it seems like they haven’t touched it in 50 years, so your gona bounce all over the place.

Maybe if you had a decent quality road, it’s possible. Also depends on your weight.

I’ve yet to see anyone, besides Baja Board, post a video going up a 30% grade hill for any length of time. Enertion did a steep one that got really steep for like, 5 seconds, but that wasn’t sustained.


Ill get you video of a single 6374 12s 100mm mbs and flywheels on a 30° hill lol.

Roads must be shit out there. Colorado has decent roads I guess. Thanks for the clarification


A lot of it is the difference in Concrete and Asphalt, concrete is a much denser particulate so friction is less.


That right there is probably it. I’ve just never seen a 30% grade hill made of Asphalt… But I’m sure they exist somewhere outside of San Francisco.


I kind off feel like it might be a hard sell to sell this on a builders forum. Totalling the parts value, you’re looking at: $150 ESCs w/ remote $200 4x Hub motors w/ trucks $250 Battery, less with cycles $250 CF AIO Deck, like the raptor 1 deck. Its hard to quantify the deck’s value

All together, new thats about $850 for a builder to make something similar. There is merit in selling the board as one and things, but people here don’t tend to buy prebuilts, we’re here because the building process is part of the fun :slight_smile: I should clarify your price is not bad at all, its just you might be trying to sell to the wrong crowd of people.

You might have better luck selling on ebay, craigslist, facebook or other local marketplaces in SFSC.

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Ok, guys nice 30% incline bsht talking but I need to sell this baby! C’moon girlsss …who is saying $1,300 at oneeee… ??


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Super clean board, he takes care of it, rides it like a low rider never been max out that for sure👍🏼 …

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Get outreeee hereeee @Anubis mannn, don’t piss on my flowers !! :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye::sunglasses:Go ruin someone elses parade!! Don’t bring me your ‘complete’ bulshit to me. They sell Evolves every day here boyyyy. Those are dang complete boards from a production manufacturer!! WDFck are talking about, dudeeee???

Get out erreeeere hereeee!! Goooooo!!


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I listed my evolve for 30% retail price (It has like 300 miles) as a “test” for 2 weeks, nobody even contacted me

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Lol where you getting 4 hub motors and trucks for $200?


Yeah @Anubis, but because you didn’t get your burrito with spicy pico de gallo that doesn’t mean you come here and ruin my lunch, boy! I’m trying to sell this shit and you are pouring manure with all your ‘completes’ non sense. :zipper_mouth_face:

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FTFY :slight_smile:


…yeah, time to hose these guys out.

Google it? http://www.diyeboard.com/dual-hub-motor-9052mm-1000w75kv-power-truck-p-657.html

Other options that are the same but like 50$ more, not effecting my point whatsoever:

30% grade isn’t that unbelievable with four motors. I have a small hill like that in front of a dollar store parking lot near my house. I guess they needed to elevate the land for drainage but then they were like “oh shit, now we have a penssylvania driveway, oh well, fuck it.” We roll up it slowly just to give the motors a nice warm up.


Thats right slickers!! …a 30% incline is a mere 16,7° gradient street!! …which by the way girls…this dang city is full of them!!



PS: thanks for da graph @longhairedboy, seems that all the hijackers and doomsday seers came to the forum today.


people just need more protractors in their lives i guess. lol