Bearing Insertion Blues

I recently ordered a compete Urban Carver board direct from Trampa and believe I have an issue with one of the hubs. The bearing will not seat. I have contacted their ‘customer service’ and found that to be lacking as the advice given to me was to ‘hit it with a hammer’.

I am keen to hear of some advice from people here on what alternative hubs/wheels I can use on my current board? I have the Vertigo trucks and already have all the bearings and spacers.

Thanks in advance for your help. Really keen to get this board together so I can actually take it for a ride. Then comes the electronics.

If they told me to hit it with a hammer I’d find the nastiest Waffled hammer and beat the crap out of it. Then send the set back for a full refund for giving me the shittiest advice possible!!!

Seriously. That’s retarded.

Oh! and then I’d get some real wheels.


Here is the exact reply, word for word, from their ‘customer service’.

"Look Anthony, im not sure what makes you the expert telling me how the things i make are meant to be brother, but i can assure you, please send me the the spoke and i will show you it fitted with the bearing.

Its not that you are taking my time as appose to wasting my time if your not going to do as i ask. Ive asked you to hit it with the hammer and it fuks up ill pay for it, what else can i say???, so if your reluectant to try me then what else can i say?

Spoke in the post. Say no more please.




That gotta be the best costumer service I have seen i the past :joy:


Try flipping the bearing around. Sometimes i feel like there a bevel and it only goes in one way.

Try hitting it with a hammer?


Have had the same experience with Trampa. Numerous problems with the trucks (airline crack), the wheels (play in the Superstars). They sent me some round rubber washers to squeeze between the wheel and bearings… of course with the friction and rotation this rubber just become one big mangled spaghetti after 2-3 rides. Got frustrated and still threw money at them, I switched to Hyperstars. They are better (they are plastic, not metal), but still not great as out of 4 hibs, the bearings do not fit identically in all of them. I tried MBS Rockstar 2 after and love them. For your info, I have an urban carver as well. And the 7 inch innovas fit on the MBS R2 as well. My 0.02; get the Rockstar2 and be done with it.

uhhh @trampa?

sounds like someone has to get their shit together…


Tried to reverse the bearings. Believe me, I have tried everything I can think of, except hitting it with a hammer of course.

Lets see some pictures? Odd that it doesnt fit.

Hit it hard Brotha! Who cares if the bearing will be shitty or the rim will be cracked. Hit it!!!

I wonder if he even knows what a bearing press is?

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Why not just make the holes for bearing right?

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Try a rubber mallet. In one wheel, the bearings were loose, in the other, the bearings were too tight. I hammered gently with a rubber mallet under Ted’s advice. The QC on the products seems to be lacking tbh. It’s not normal that these tolerances are not always exactly the same.

I have a feeling of that @psychotiller wants to se a cracked hub…:thinking:


Never hit your bearings with a hammer of any kind…


yea lol…

hitting bearings with a hammer is generally a frowned upon practice :rofl:

I hear ya. But if you must, just swing the shit out of it!

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Here are the same pics that I sent to Trampa. The pic with the bearing sitting up in the hub is as far as it will go. All of the others fit in very snugly, but this one will no go in without what I would call ‘undue’ pressure. You can also see that I have even tried to ‘score’ out the hub in question as I thought maybe there was some excess paint, etc, but this still doesn’t allow the bearing to seat correctly. P2080019P2080020P2080022P2080021P2080024P2080025P2080023

smack it, smack it, smack it, SMACK IT!


There’s no excuse for this. They should send your a free one. Every other solution - filing the hub to get some paint off, «hammering» the bearing, are completely shitty solutions that you should not have to put up with.