Bearing sleeve, 12mm to 8mm

I am looking to put a 12mm ID bearing on a traditional 8mm OD truck axle. I am looking for a sleeve or adapter to close the gap. Any ideas or know where to locate such a creature??


Not in stock, since the 8mm axles are not wide enough anyway. We will come up with something soon. Frank

The Torque Boards 218mm axles are wide enough.

So at this stage, you need to lathe some yourself. As soon as we have some in stock i will post it here.


i don’t have access to a lathe but I’ll find a way to make it work.

hi frank. i was planning on buying a set of wheels and pulley to all terrain my board but i realized you dont have any 8mm bearings. do you have any reducer or something that i can use to make it work on my caliber 2 trucks? thanks in advance

currently we don’t. The axle of a Caliber II is to short anyway. If you have access to a lathe, you could make something like this:

Someone also reversed the spokes ( bearing seats to the inside) and dropped in a tube with the correct seats for skate bearings on Calibers.


I have torqueboards 218mm trucks and am thinking of going with your new 6,5inch penumatics and gummies. Is there a way to mount them on a 8mm axle now?

No, but we bang on a solution.


This works for me. Edit. Ouh never mind. Missread your post. Tought you asked for a solution…


Won’t a 638 bearing (8x28x9mm) work?

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If your axle is wide enough, yes.

You need 36mm of axle to fit them with those bearings.


Great - torqueboards Site says: Axle - 47mm Length, 8mm Diameter Axle 10mm thread length, 37mm usable axle length

I have a set of these bearings I bought for this reason but didn’t use if you are interested. Just pm me.

Thiat is a 10 mm axle converter for 8 mm axle, no? … screwed in a similar fashion like the ones use on Surf Rodz hangers?

No his thread over the existing axle

SurfRodz are removable and entirely replaceable axles

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What kind of converter is this? …Brand? …Mil? :point_down:

Those ove there are the Cams from Other Planet Trucks?

@L3chef image

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Nope. Threaded 10mm axel over the 8mm original one. Cnc lathed them myself. Don’t think you can buy them anywhere

So the hollyday in Bora-bora is out of the question?