Beginner ESK8 Looking For Advice

Hi All,

Bit of background information for you all. I have primarily been involved with mechanical engineering throughout my career and have little electrical knowledge. After many months of looking at Boosted Boards I decided I will challenge myself to make a DIY ESK8. I have been looking at a variety of components but have become lost in all the numbers and letters. Below I have summarised the components I think suit what I want and have also listed some questions I have regarding my build. Please note I am from the UK and parts seem to be hard to get hold of (unless I am looking the wrong place). I would like this board to have more torque than speed. 25mph is more than enough for myself but its getting up hills that I need. All advice regarding these issues or potential improvements will be appreciated :grinning:

Now, time for the questions!

Firstly, I need a VESC. I have no idea what VESC to look for with my chosen battery and motor setup. Any recommendations? Hobby King sell a Turnigy SK8-ESC 4.12. Is this any good? See link below:

Secondly, I want an inline fuse to protect my VESC as I know they cost a considerable amount. With my motor and battery setup what size fuse would be ideal?

Thirdly, I don’t know what gear ratio would be wise for my setup? I see on the market they have a variety of gear ratios but don’t really understand how they directly affect my setup. If anyone could enlighten me that would be brilliant!

I would appreciate all recommendations! If my battery and motor selection is not amazing please let me know :grinning:

Thanks, Connor

Search for Calculator and you will find what gearing you desire. But the diameter of the kegels are also important, so that your wheel pulley has enough space to the ground.

Generally we don’t use that ESC…lots of people don’t like it. Try a Torque Boards 4.12 since it’s the same price but we’ll regarded

Look up fuses that have high voltage (50V or higher) and high amperage (80A). Anything that can be replaced is preferable

Use this and fix the numbers

Plain and simple.


Here is the calculator

If speed is not your goal I would go with a lower kV like 150-190. The sk3 are unsensored motors. Pretty solid, but you will need a small push from stand still to take off. If you don’t mind than it’s ok, if no, better get sensored. If you want to stick with hobbyking get the sk8 motors.

I would have a look at the graphen lipos, they more expensive, but also perform better and hold more charge cycles.

With those vescs you need to set your bat max current below 35a to don’t overheat them. I would have a look for used focboxes instead. There also other oportunities but for this we need to know how much you want to spend on the vescs.

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That’s way too high… For this board 80a is more than enough.

The right fuses can be found on mouser

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The flipsky vesc 4.20 is pretty good and small form factor. It’s a dual controller so no canbus wires to fool with.

It runs FOC well at your voltage, 10s. Some might chime in and say 6374 motors will demand more amps and a bigger controller would be better.

6369s and shorter 63mm motor cans might also be good for you unless you weigh more than 200lbs.

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Let’s add a „plus“ to it :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye: The Flipsky vesc 4.20 dual plus seem to be way more reliable than the dual 4.20 and there is no big price difference.


Perhaps a motor such as the one in the link below:

Just don’t know how reliable the SK8 ones are?

Any particular model of FOCBOX or are they all the same?

Makes sense to buy one VESC instead of two! I guess this works with my proposed motors and battery?


I have the 150kv version. Nice motor, but wide. Might be tough to fit duals in on a narrow truck.

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80A in line fuse?

Don’t think I could put both motors next to each other with my trucks. Was planning to mount one like yours and the other on the underside of the board.

It’s doable, but close.

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Yap the motors are the right ones. Maybe go with 149kV version.

I can’t speak out of personal experience, but from what I read here people had some issues in the beginning with the sk8 but lately they seem to be solid. Sk3 and sk8 are longer than the motor size point out, so have a look in the specs what’s the real length so that you can fit it on your trucks.

If you not fixed to hobbyking than maytech sealed and unsealed are a very good choice for solid motors. @okp sell the sealed version 6374 in 150kV or the 6355 in 190kV He might also have some focboxes left for sale.

Why 149KV instead of 190KV?

Does look good though. What KV rating are they?

If you go with the Flipsky dual 4.20 plus than 80a is more than enough. You can have a look on the data sheet in mouser. Those are slow blow fuses, I can’t say you exactly but the 80a fuse can handle 100-120a for more than 10s if I remember right. So that should be enough. I use the 100a on my mountain boards and that is pretty good there.

Lower kV is higher torque but less top speed.