Belt recommendations running evolve AT wheels

I need some help with the last piece to my beautiful puzzle. Im in need of some help with belt length. I will be using the evolve AT wheels with @marcmt88 dual idler pulley mounts. can i use the 360-5m-15 belts or would i need a longer belt to accommodate the dual idler pulleys?

How many teeth on the motor pulley and how many teeth on the wheel pulley?

Also, what kind of trucks do you have?

15t motor pulley and 36t on the wheel pulley. i have the torqueboards 218mm trucks

Use a 340-5M-15 synchronous timing belt

(On one of mine I am using 15T / 40T ratio on the TB218 hanger and a 350-5M-15 fits perfectly)

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awesome! thanks for the help!

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you will need at least 450mm belts for evolve At wheels. try this calculator: and that calculation is without idler pulleys

I’m waiting for 430mm and 450mm belts and I will let you know if they work.

The @marcmt88 mount for TB218 trucks is 100mm center to center (I measured it) and he said he’s using 15T and 36T pullies, which would be a 340-5M belt

You bring up a good point though

@rexpepper651 are you sure you’re using a 36T wheel pulley?

oh, I thought that he is using 66T pulley with evolve AT kit. isn’t 36T to little for AT wheels?

oh maybe i got my info wrong on the rear wheel pulley size. i am indeed using the AT kit from evolve @b264. sorry for the confusion!

@Tinp123 Did you end up gettin those belts?

420-5m-15 pretty sure I measured and ordered belts for this combo last week At kit and Marc mounts that’s with idlers. I had to companies cancel the orders due to stocking issue so, haven’t fit the last piece myself. That pulley from the evolve kit is massive

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I think what im going to start with 420 and order a few upper sizes and see what happens.

Don’t order from gpr, they wait then cancel your order. Powertranbelting also cancelled days later

snap! i just ordered from like 2 mins ago!

U might get lucky. I thought this was the case for me but refund came way later. Just dont want u to feel bad like i did

thanks for the heads up. how long did it take for you to figure out they canceled your order and how long was it before they refunded?

Paypal was quick like 2 business days on the refund. I’ve been watching like a hawk got my at setup ready to go :nerd_face: ended up using I’ll keep u posted

i might wait and see what happens. its the last thing i need to start getting everything put together.

Ya maybe I can save u the trouble…marc also has fully made wheel kits with belts. I only went this route because I ordered a couple sets of supercarvetrucks

got belts yesterday. 450mm works with both idler pulleys, but belts are really bent and they will get hot quickly even without load. I can take some photos when I get back home. yeah and belts shreds little pieces on tire side (maybe my belts are bad quality?). that’s on 16T motor pulley. on 20T pulley, you can use only one idler pulley, but belt still gets hot without load. they sent me wrong pitch on 430mm, so I can not try those.