Benchwheel remote & receiver

I recently got the Benchwheel remote and receiver and want to show some pictures.

The inside:

compared to the Winning remote and receiver:

The benchwheel remote has a beginner mode (cruise mode/low speed mode) that means on the VESC display for the break 10% and for throttle 70% instead of 0% and 100% in sport mode/high speed mode. The receiver has a second connector but I don’t know what it is used for. The remote has three LEDs for the battery but only the red bottom shines at full battery!? I just tried the remote for a few minutes, so I don’t know if it is reliable so far.


Hey dude, the second channel is just a second “channel 1” so you can actually run 2 vescs from the 1 reciever without needed a split Y cable or a canbus. The three indicators that aren’t showing are made to show the battery level on a real benchwheel, but since we don’t have one it won’t show anything. The battery lasts for days. Haven’t had a dropout or heard of anyone having one, so you should be ok :slight_smile:


How much did you pay them and where did you buy? They seem to cost around 50 euros now :confused: but they may be the best ones out there yet

I bought it from Aliexpress and paid 40,37 Euros. That includes shipping and 5% charge for paypal.

I didn’t know it was an nrf. can you read the numbers on the rx chip.

this one… atmega328p maybe?


Sorry but on the chip is nothing written on it. On the pcb antenna board the small chip has a number which starts with nrf. Do you need this or isn’t useful for you?

thanks i was just curious. if its what I think it is it could be “hackable” :sunglasses:

This remote is by far the most reliable remote I’ve used for esk8 outside of the gt2b. Always works, never drops signal, battery lasts a long time, fairly compact and has two modes so it makes it a little safer for a friend or someone who wants to try your board feel okay with the speed.


Do you (or anyone) get a high pitched noise every time you use the remote? I do, I got acclimatised to it pretty quick and dont really notice it, but it’s certainly making a faint high pitched noise/squeal…

When do you get the noise? When I switch on or off the remote it makes beep but exept of this no noise.

Whenever i send a signal to the vesc… soo all the time. apart from when I tested it right now now to show you via video… murphy’s law I guess…I 'll film it if I notice it again

I found a chip on the board of the remote which looks similar and has a number on it. Maybe it helps.

thanks it does help with my curiosity. :nerd:

but sadly not much else… most of the data is in chinese but good to know anyways!

Just want to check but did you pick up this one?,searchweb201602_3_10065_10068_10084_10083_10080_10082_10081_10060_10061_10062_10056_10055_10054_10059_10099_10078_10079_426_10073_10103_10102_10096_10052_10050_10051-10052,searchweb201603_6&btsid=9e89f31e-449a-47b3-b207-3f93314239a4

and was it the 4th option (remote and receiver)?

Thanks Norcs

Yes that’s the place where I’ve ordered the remote. I don’t think they have different options but click on the 4th to be sure. The page is full of wrong pictures so you should not calculate on that what you see.

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Well that was interesting - I did some late night shopping while in bed last night and ordered a Benchwheel remote and receiver (as per link above) anyway it was late and my wallet was all the way on the other side of the room :sweat: so I thought I’ll just pay for it in the morning. I way up to a message from the Ali App telling me that there had been a price adjustment. Expecting it to be a few pence different due to currency fluctuations I log in to pay and it has dropped by £5! Happy days. £32 inc delivery ($40.60 or 38e)


Hi guys, anyone know if you can pair this remote with a standard 2.4gz receiver?

I’ve just received mine, thought I ordered remote & rec but only received the remote…

I almost made the same mistake but selected the 4th option (furthest to the right). Hopefully a receiver will turn up too. I’ll be complaining if not. Does it say on your order Remote and Receiver?

Hmm can’t see anything saying receiver, but I’m 98% sure I chose remote & rec.

You can see what you ordered in your account from Aliexpress - “My orders”. In my case it says “remote and receiver”. I don’t know if other receivers work. For example the Winning remote works with the GT2B receiver but usually different brands don’t work together. I would order an original receiver from the seller of the remote.