Dear all,

Our BERGMEISTER Easter Sale is on from April 18th - 30th . Prices will then be updated accordingly.


Shipping is done via EMS and takes approx. 3-7 working days to all corners of the world. Tracking information is provided by

I usually ship the same day the order is received, provided there is enough time for me to head over to the post office, which is right across from my workshop. Once all is posted I will send you a picture of the package as well as the tracking number.

Please note: There are only 10 sets left for the orange/bronze colored rims and all other colors are also limited in quantity, so if that particular color rocks your boat…hurry up.

For purchase, please follow this link:

In the meantime, a newly designed “ press-fit ” 55T pulley has been designed. The pulley works with both TB218 as well as Evolve GT trucks with 15mm wide HDT 5mm timing belts.

The design is based on @riako’s initial press fit pulley idea. Thanks for the inspiration Kevin!

The file is freely available for download in .stp format under the Creative Commons - Attribution - Non-Commercial license here: ===>

Feel free to modify it to suit your needs and hopefully you can share your modified design with the community. ( However, we do not recommend using 3d printed pulleys unless you have a super strong filament to print with )

For use with

  • TB218 trucks, use the following pulley bearing: —> 638z (8mm inner diameter / 28mm outer diameter / 9mm width)

  • Evolve GT trucks, use the following pulley bearing: —> 16100 2z (10mm inner diameter / 28mm outer diameter / 8mm width) + 3x 1mm spacers/washers

We have had some hiccups with the production of our pulleys, so there will be a delay of a couple of weeks before we can offer them for sale on our webshop at . We will have the pulleys CNC milled out of a solid piece of black colored POM, with an approx. weight of 68gr. (At 178gr. aluminum would be more than double the weight and would not offer significantly more advantages, so we will stick to POM).

If you use the Kahua or Surfrodz 90mm trucks, then our 60T pulley + adapter plate works perfectly:


As always, if you have any questions, feel free to either send me a pm on the forum or mail me at [email protected]

Thanks and best regards from Taiwan,


P.S. One more thing I would like to share with you:

There is a particular CNC company from our dearest neighbouring mainland China that is rather keen on selling what look to be our Bergmeister rims.

Just to let you know: there is a reason (actually many reasons) why a long long time ago we have ditched that company entirely and all those reasons relate to material quality, CNC machining quality & safety (and evidently trustworthiness).

Feel free to purchase these rims and try your luck, probably at a super low price as they are sitting on a huge pile of useless rims that we have all rejected and which they are now desperately trying to sell.

Just please do me a favor: If you do purchase them, kindly do not refer to them as Bergmeister rims and don’t ask me for any support. Many thanks! :heart_eyes:

Be warned: you will not get what you expect and you will be disappointed. :disappointed_relieved::tired_face: Also, if you consider using that lovely company for your own CNC milled components, this is a perfect example for you to see what can (and will likely) happen with designs given to them.

Welcome to China :laughing::poop::crazy_face::sob:

Small print: the little bunny ears I used on the below picture is: Designed by kjpargeter / Freepik

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Timo is an amazing guy to do business with. Can highly recommend anyone grabbing a set of these wheels.


Timo’s wheels are the best quality and best looking wheels I’ve ever had the privilege of owning. He is a true gentleman in every encounter I’ve had with him and I look forward to buying more haggy products in the future. Definitely jump on this deal!



Amazing products, customer service to rival a brothel and a true gentleman.

If I wasn’t taken and very afraid of my wife I’d try to woo Timo.


Now I need to know which is the company you are talking about it. Lucky as I am I probably selected them for some CNC work :joy: Please let me know!


again with those BMX stunt pegs of yours lol :slight_smile:


@riverside.rider are the spacers standard 10mm bearing spacers?

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I’d just like to point out that I’m a very special snowflake that is receiving the first set of these orange/bronze Berg’s. Aww yiss


where can i buy the fake haggy hubs :sweat_smile:


Timo Président !! :smile:
As alway, really nice to read you, true word, and thanks for all the info shared here ! For sure you will stay my n°1 international esk8 shop ! [spoiler](e-Toxx for EU, and Overion for France, and Rey GB on esk8.builder ^^ for those who want to know :blush: )[/spoiler]

Big Up HaggyBoards !!


Timo is great guy and delivers outstanding products. Don’t hesitate from getting some of these beautiful rims


Second set ordered, I must just add to others sentiments, Timo’s service is outstanding and the products are very nice. If you are on the fence, get involved!




I’m curious to see what the rejects look like and what the reason they were rejected was. Definitely not ordering from them!

I’m in for 2 sets



Just had my longest ride yet on these wheels this morning… 32km… really nice size for pavement pounding and some light off-road…


Literally any rims with hairline scratches, small anodizing stains, an anodzing colour hue that’s ever so slightly off from his expectations gets rejected. You only ever get the best quality from Timo!


copped 2 sets!

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Hi @mikenyc, @nuttyjeff already listed quite a lot of criteria. The Bergmeister wheel has two separate rims. They will need to match 100%…if they don’t sharp edges will appear where the valve stem is located. That is dangerous in that the stem can easily be perforated …and unless you want to do a superman, this ain’t something you want to have. This all boils down to the production process. So that is just another reason why we ditched that company. None of their rims were ever sold by me, so rest assured that you get tested quality :slight_smile:

and a big thanks to you for your purchase. Everything is already packed and will be dropped at the post office in about 3hrs.


Can’t wait to finish the build with them :laughing:. Waiting the deck I made to be delivered.


Pro tip: Try adding like 50 wheels to the cart, and you’ll get an error saying how much there are available for each color :wink:

Just bought green wheels for my Hummie build :slight_smile: Hopefully I can find a pair of matching SurfRodz TKP trucks now, otherwise I’ll feel like an idiot :confused: