Best Deal on abec 11 107mm flywheels 74a?

We can only hope its not an error on their web-sight, but if it is order them while they are 34 dollars!

Well, what’s the sellers link :grinning:

Def a price error as the 80a ones are $134. This is a guy in his garage, not gonna ship.

no the same but just found those

No it high end longboards. I think they are just selling them for the wrong price and haven’t noticed Scroll down and you will see them.

pretty sure It suppose to be 134… so buy them as quick as you can

I wish I could but my parents wont let me buy any more parts but if someone will buy them for me I will pay pal you the money.

Please note shipping is FREE. (PM me if I can pay pal you to buy me a set)

Here’s what I get when I try to check out. Is this place legit?

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It works on my phone and computer and i was watching videos on thier boards so it is legit. I think they had a pricing error and because their stuff is so expensive no one buys their products so they havent noticed it.

When you actually try to check out, you get the error message. On the bottom of their homepage, it says their storefront is currently offline. Gonna try to order 3 sets by email and see if they will honor it.

Oh ok good luck tell me how it goes!

maybe it’s for one wheel?

regardless - it’s definitely not going to happen. No way is seller going to give you them for that price, when you know they paid more for them…

I think they legaly have to sell them to you for that price untill they change it to the real price because stuff like this has happened to me at many stores and they had to sell it to me for the price it said on the tag even tho it was mis priced.

I really doubt it. It might be good business if was close (a few $). No law - you could file a complaint - and they’ll refund your $.

Typos happen - no way are they going to take a loss…

I don’t know if they will sell them to me or not, but if they do, at this price, one set will definitely have your name on it. :wink: Fingers crossed!

Is it really a set of four?

I emailed them and they just messaged back

“$34 is for 1 wheel, a full set is $120. I am sorry but we are out of stock right now, would you like me to put you on a waiting list for when they come in?”

It was too good to be true.

$120 is still an awesome price.

Everyone is waiting for ABEC 11 like dripping teens for the school hot girl. Why the hell are they taking so long to have wheels in stock?, it’s been like 6 months and no one can get their hands on a set of 97mm or 107mm Abecs. On the other hand I don’t understand why aren’t there other companies with big diameter good quality wheels as ABEC