Best Hub Motor Options?

So currently I have a custom built pintail with a 10s4p space pack, 2 vesc speed controller’s, a winning remote and torque boards motor mount running a pair of 190kv 6354 motors. I’d like to switch from outboard motor to hub motors if possible. Honestly I would just wait and buy raptor 2 hubs and trucks if I could. However, it looks like they won’t be sold separately. I love my board and I don’t want to change to deck or the bottom pan. I would just like a little more efficiency and less rolling resistance for coasting having ridden my friends Acton blink. Any ideas?


I have been running two of Dexter’s hubs for a few weeks now, and I have been very happy with them in BLDC. I tried a single hub initially in FOC mode, but with the massive hills around me it wasn’t enough. I’m using a space cell 3 10s3p. I also hear his new hubs coming in the next few weeks will be even more poweful and come with the option to use sensored.

I’ve been looking into that however I have been mostly out of communication with Dexter for a while. I’m just really looking for an upgrade

I am getting a 4wd board made up with these hubs. They’re sold out at the moment but if you can wait it out, it will be worth it. They bolt on to a variety of trucks without any modifications and run in FOC mode without any worries. My build on this forum is called black beauty for more information.


Hubs are less efficient. And not all of them have less rolling resistance.

I usually think modding a finished board is a bad idea.

Look into Carvon V3’s, not technically hubs, but direct drive is just as good if not better than hubs. You do get the full urethane which is super nice!

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It’s not a mod I built the board I made the fiberglass pan from scratch, I designed the motor covers and printed them myself…it would just be unhooking the motor wires and reprogramming the vescs…

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Otherwise you could hold out a bit for the new DIY Dual Hubs. I think I might do that myself as the spec sheet looks pretty good! Does anyone have any thoughts on them? Does DIY have a decent reputation?

Is that a source for parts? If so, where can I find 'em?

I know, I just mean its a finished board, that runs fine. and you are taking it back to project phase by changing the drivetrain.

it should be painless, but will the change be worth it?

It’s a easy swap and I can easily swap back, unbolt trucks, bolt on new trucks, plug in 6 connectors, then reprogram. Done. However I wont do it until I can find a decent hub motor. Either a 6354 based hub or a 6374 based hub.

Carvon V3’s ($599)and Dexters newest version ($380) come out this month. I have Dexters hubs and Carvons and both have really solid performace. I’m heavy and either pair of hubs does well over 30mph with me on them. I have 5 pairs of hubs and those are the only two I’d recommend from my experience.

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Have you used the Maytech hubs? If so, what do think about them?

I haven’t tried the Maytech hubs. I like the square notch to prevent the stator from spinning on the axle though. At a glance though I’d say they are rated kinda low for my taste. 800w isn’t much compated to 1800w for Dexters and 1500w for the new Carvon V3’s, and even then I can still get them really hot with spirited riding.

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Good info, thank you sir.

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It also says those hubs are a 60KV wind and only good up to 10S(36V) which would equate to about 18mph with the 90mm diameter wheel. That’s not quite fast enough for my likes. Even at 12S they would top out at 21mph. That’s probably plenty fast for lots of eskaters though and 800w might me ample for lighter riders. I’m over 260lbs, so I need heavy duty setups haha. I have a 4wd board with Dexters hubs and a beast battery, it will climb any hill Ive found like it’s flat, and pulls to 40mph faster than my car! My 140 pound friend can’t even accelerate full power as it burns out with all 4 wheels lol! Sorry I digressed hahaha.


Thats awesome: My AT build is kinda the same way, its got so much torque and with the 30q cells I never sag, hills are my bitches now :slight_smile:


The Maytech with 290lb man on 36v 10s go 20+ a few mph . :slight_smile: I imagine 12s would go faster (I’m pretty sure you can run them at 12s…but don’t quote me) and better yet 4wd even faster to pull a big boy.

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