Best, most reliable, easy to do GT2B mod

Ok im looking into making this bulky but reliable remote a little more sleek and concealable wich mod is the best, mad monkey or bad wolf, is there any mod for the gt2b?



He has by far the best mod. I would purchase from him 10/10 beautiful design, durable, easy to do.


Whats the name of this mod, does it need any components or parts that are not already in my gt2b? Is there a step by step on this mod?

No name yet. Please give it a name :relaxed: Basically, It’s the same mod as the bad wolf except no USB relocation is needed. I am sure you can find step by step tutorial available here.


You should open a new thread asking for ideas for the name of your mod, heres mine wolf killer v69

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@MasterCho is this your mod? I bought one on ebay with no idea who it is created by. I love it! @barajabali I completely agree; it’s the best GT2B mod I’ve used.


Sorry, I didn’t understand about this forum back then, I thought it was prohibited selling/mentioning stuff here.

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MasterCho is there a link for this mod on ebay? Or how do i buy one in blue

Yea its @MasterCho mod, he sells them on Ebay

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Does it use same battery ??

Is there an ebay Link ?

PM me.:relaxed:

Would you happen to have a picture comparing the Bad Wolf to this one?

Sorry I don’t.

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i printed the original wolf and the new mad monkey and the mad monkey is super sturdy. Not super easy but doable if you’re patient.


@MasterCho s being modest here; this enclosure us much better than Badwolf; It has cutouts to minimize the size of it; it’s as thin as possible with no empty space inside. It’s also a very sturdy build in thick plastic that feels substantial. Finally, there are no corners or sharp ridges, it is smooth and comfortable to hold, so it feels more ergonomic than badwolf. Great work @MasterCho !



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@MasterCho = Batman

Our silent savior

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much much better than the badwolf enclosure, love them!


There is also the GT2B “Baby Buffalo” mod:

I think Enertion is releasing something like this.


Yes ive seen it but idk theres somenthing i dont like about it