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Hi guys,

I am fairly new to the Electric Skateboarding community and I am planning on building my first board. I am struggling finding sites that have either good prices for the parts they are offering or finding sites that are reliable. I have been to numerous sites, found decent parts and then have heard that they are not very reliable so I am forced to look elsewhere. Does anyone have any websites that they like using when sourcing parts such as ESC, HUB Motors and Batteries. I am finding that these are the most expensive parts of the build and I am seeing alot of variance in the price.


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Yeah, look up @marcmt88 he’s one of the guys here on the forum. I just purchased motor mounts, pulleys and belts from him and have heard a lot of good things about him. He also has a site


Pretty broad outlines there my old mate. What are you building and what do you want it to achieve in terms of range speed etc. Then we can point you in the right direction. I’m in Aus too so can help with the cheapo shipping.


:point_up: :point_up: this like @dareno said, you gotta give us some more info dude. we’re both from aus and are able to help but need to know what you want as there are many extremes

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Im trying to keep it in the medium to low range, I dont want high end parts that are going to cost me a fortune. Tbh I want to keep the price fairly low. Im planning going for a dual HUB Motor setup so Im going to need a dual ESC to go with it. I dont expect to go at 30km + even 20km would be fine, just something to get around with. Battery life isnt to big of a deal either as I’m not planning on doing massive trips, but It would be nice if it lasted a decent amount of time while riding.

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Whats the budget and have you ever had a board before?

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Re:ESC If you are going truly budget budget… I’d not even go with a vesc. Hobbywing offers some good ESC for hubs. Wowgo sells them too white labeled I believe. I would steer away from diyeboard. If you are looking for Vesc I’d point you to getting a FocBox. Flipsky 6.6 are well priced but seems in-consist with quality.

As for the odds and end like remote, cables, my preference had been https://. @DexterEsk8 had generally been very helpful with making sure issues gets resolved and they have most of the parts, allows you to save a little on shipping

Can i ask Why hubs?

havent had a electric board before, but I have had longboards in the past. I am wanting to keep it around $500 if possible but high $500 is alright.

The main reason I wanted HUB motors was because im not planning on using it as an electric board 24/7. I dont mind having to kick push it around and that is easier with HUB motors from what I have read and heard.

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Do you have any parts? What are you starting with?

I got nothing atm. Still trying to source parts, but im just finding im getting stuck alot.

Its gonna be difficult to build a board for the budget you’re aiming for. I’m not saying you can’t do it. For your budget you can find some decent prebuilt boards

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Do you have any of your long boards left?

I got nothing at all.

You really set on building your first board? I’d dip a toe in the water first with a cheap kit or pre built. Most of us have a factory board in the quiver. It allows you to understand the dynamics and your preferences. Personally I have 2 meepos. One is a stock unit and the other is an upgraded unit with focboxes etc. I use the stock one for friends and complete newbies to try and the kids use it but the focbox one is my lightweight shopping trolley. It gives you a feeling for the sport and then you will come to realise just what you want from an eboard so the eventual build will be exactly what you want.
So to summarise; I would either buy a meepo or equivalent which will do everything you want it to and will be backed up by a good warranty or go for the ownboard kit which you have to assemble yourself on your own deck choice. Both good options for starting out but one will give you some basic building experience. Really the only options for that budget. If you do go for this option make sure you get the best battery they offer though on either. Worth the money in the long run.
If you really want to build your own from scratch then we can start again on the recommendations starting with Hobbyking to keep the shipping and costs in general down.


If you want something super easy.

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Ok thanks dareno, appreciate the help you’ve given. Ill take a look around at my option and what I have available to work with. Tbh im still tossing up my options anyway. But this has definitely helped. If I need anything else Ill just shoot you a personal message if you dont mind.



No drama mate glad to help. Have a look at Andrew penman on youtube. Hes an annoying little turd but hes tested practically every chinese pre-built on the market and he is very thorough.


Hey mate, I’m in Aus as well and am glad to help. You’ve already gotten some pretty solid advice from @dareno. I’d just like to point out that is is definitely possible to build a very reasonable board for $500.

If you need a deck AWOL decks are quite good for the $40 price, they can be found on eBay new. Another good option is a second hand deck